General Information - Cloudbeds PMS Menus and Site Map

This article offers an overview of the different menus of the Cloudbeds PMS platform and how to navigate through them easier and faster.

Menus Overview

Menu/Page Name Description

1. Top Menu
Accessible from anywhere in the system, the Top Menu includes shortcuts to perform basic daily actions such as finding and creating a reservation or accessing the Calendar.

2. Account Menu

The Account Menu allows you to access your customized sections (such as your user Profile or your property Settings). It also includes the Help section with useful system tools and additional resources.

3. Settings Page

Access your Property Profile, Guests, Users and more. This page contains all the sections to successfully adjust Cloudbeds PMS to your business.

4. Main Menu

Find the direct access to the main sections of your Cloudbeds platform, products and features (such as PIE or Cloudbeds Amplify)

1. Top Menu

How to access it

The Top Menu is fixed and visible from everywhere in the system to all users, offering you the possibility to perform quick daily actions with only a couple of clicks, no matter where you are in the system:

Top Menu Elements
  1. Property profile photo (shortcut to Dashboard). Clicking the logo from anywhere in the system will take you directly to the Dashboard. The logo displayed is taken from the Booking Engine Customizations page.
  2. Use the Search bar to find your guests' reservations. In the search result, you will see shortcuts that can take you directly to Notes and Folio section inside the reservation.
  3. Click the (+) button to Create new reservation.
  4. Click the button to access Calendar to create new reservations, assign guests to rooms, change arrival dates, block or hold dates, and change your rates.
  5. Click the button to go to Reservations page to access all existing reservations in your Cloudbeds PMS.
  6. Click to check the notifications center, you will find updates about product improvements, actions to be performed, and other useful information.
  7. Click to access Whistle.
  8. Go to the Account Menu.

2. Account Menu

How to access it

Click on the top-right button to open the Account Menu and access each one of the corresponding sections. See the elements descriptions for more details.

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