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Setting Up Distribution Channels


Connecting your distribution channels is one of the most vital steps in the setup process. Distribution allows your property to be seen by the thousands of potential customers that visit the various OTAs you have accounts with. Using Cloudbeds channel manager software, Myallocator, you'll be able to easily synchronize your inventory with these third-party sources.

Please note: Before myfrontdesk can connect your property to the distribution channels or OTAs that you want to work with, your property must be active (live) on the channel.

Step 1: Checking rates and availability in Myfrontdesk

Check your rates on Base Rate page and make sure the availability for your accommodations is correct: this will go out to the channel immediately upon activation, so accuracy is important

Step 2: Navigate to Channels page

Click on the settings gear icon and scroll down to the 'Channels' tab under Channel Distribution section

Step 3: Check Channel Distribution Status

Check if the channel distribution connection is Enabled. You will see the distribution status on the top of the Channels page

In case you see 'Disabled' status, please contact Cloudbeds Support before proceeding to the next steps by submitting a ticket on this page

Step 4: Connecting a channel

The process to activate a channel varies, but for most you will need to enter credentials. Some channels, like and Expedia, require you to contact them first, and others have an approval process.

Use CTRL+F on the keyboard, or Command+F on a Mac to quickly search for the necessary channel on this page

We'll go through the LateRooms activation process here, which is standard.  

Start by searching for the channel needed,  then click on "Not Setup, click to Setup" button, which will open the channel credential box.

Enter the Group Reference number and password, then click Next

Step 5: Rooms Mapping

ALL ROOMS ON THE OTA MUST BE MAPPED TO A ROOM IN MYFRONTDESK OR DISABLED/DELISTED. OTA rooms that are unmapped to a myfrontdesk room will never receive an availability update and can result in an overbooking.

All myfrontdesk rooms will appear next to a dropdown list of the rooms configured on the channel, select the appropriate OTA room to sell for each myfrontdesk room configured  (it's not mandatory that the room names are matching between Myfrontdesk and OTA)

Step 6: Adding Specific Options for a channel

Each channel may display certain options to be configured during the mapping, here are some of them:

1)  Base Rate Adjustment: If you want your default rate to be different on this channel than what shows up on your Calendar, then input the correction here. You can use a certain amount or a percentage.

2) Currency: set the correct currency if the channel works with a different currency than your default

3) Rate Selection: Select which channel rate plan should be updated with the prices in the MyAllocator Availability page. We always strongly recommend to update your Base Rate

 Step 7: Confirmation and Additional Steps

Once you see the confirmation screen and you see "Setup Complete," you're done mapping the channel from the myfrontdesk/myallocator side.

Note: Some channels require additional steps to complete setup.

For example: LateRooms requires that you enter a specific email address into your LateRooms extranet as the destination for booking confirmation emails. Without this final step, LateRooms reservations will not make their way into the system.

Step 8: Sending Full Refresh

Send a full refresh after connecting the channel, this will send availability ( and rates if supported) to the channel. You may find the FULL REFRESH button on the Channels page at the top right corner of the screen

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