Connect your existing Expedia account with Cloudbeds


ATTENTION: as of December 2017 some Expedia users have no access to Connectivity Settings in their account which allows to connect to our channel manager. In this case - please, contact your Expedia Account Manager (an Expedia representative who has assisted you with Expedia setup) and request to connect your account to myfrontdesk's channel manager "myallocator".
Please contact us at for further assistance.

To connect your exising Expedia account to myfrontdesk follow the instructions below. Keep in mind that myfrontdesk will not import past reservations from before Expedia was connected as a distribution channel. These must be added manually as "third-party" reservations.

All of your rates and room types must be setup in myfrontdesk before requesting for your channel to use myallocator. Do not perform these instructions until you are at the end of the distribution setup stage and ready to go live. 

1. Login to your Expedia partner central portal (Expedia Extranet)

2. Hover over “Rates and Inventory”

3. Click on “Expedia QuickConnect Settings

4. Locate and select myfrontdesk's channel manager "myallocator" in the drop-down list.

5. Make sure that both “Availability and rates” and “Booking retrieval” are checked

6. Click Submit

7. Wait for the email from myallocator confirming the connection

You should this email receive within one business day. That email will contain instructions and next steps to complete the setup process.

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