Connect your existing Expedia account with Cloudbeds


To connect your existing Expedia account to myfrontdesk follow the instructions below. Keep in mind that myfrontdesk will not import past reservations from before Expedia was connected as a distribution channel. These must be added manually as "third-party" reservations.

All of your rates and room types must be setup in myfrontdesk before requesting for your channel to use myallocator. Do not perform these instructions until you are at the end of the distribution setup stage and ready to go live. 

1. If you do not have an account yet with Expedia, click here to setup your property with them first:

2. Select myallocator (Cloudbeds channel manager) as your System Provider in the Expedia Extranet

  1. Login to your Expedia Extranet at
  2. Click "Rooms and Rates"
  3. Under the Setup section, click "Expedia Connectivity Settings"
  4. Select "My Allocator" in the drop-down
  5. Important!  Select BOTH "Availability and Rates" and "Booking retrieval"
  6. Click Submit

3. Wait for Cloudbeds team to confirm the connection to Expedia

4. Connect the channel and map your rooms in myfrontdesk

1. Go to your myfrontdesk account and open Channels page

2. Expedia should be marked as 'Ready for mapping'. Click on it

4. If presented with a Rate Selection screen, choose the "Default" Rate Plan:

Since myfrontdesk can only control one Rate Plan, we always recommend that you select the "Default" or "Standard" Rate Plan on this screen.  The Default Rate is always the first (top) rate presented.

Once chosen, we will control Rates for this rate plan only - any other Rate Plans must be setup to be derived from the Default Rate.

More information about Expedia Rate Plans can be found here: Rateplan Support - Using Rate Plans to set multiple rates

5. Enter a Base Rate Adjustment (if desired)

6. Choose the Expedia Channel-Specific Options:

The first option to choose is the Currency:  

  • The currency selected must always match your default currency of your Expedia Extranet.  
  • If you need more information about Currency Conversion, click here: How do I manage different Currencies?

Pricing Model:

5. Channel Setup is Complete

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