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Frequently Asked Questions about Expedia


In this article, you can find useful tips for the questions which may occur before or after connecting your property with Expedia.

After Connecting to a Channel Manager, does Expedia send original guest email to the property?

Per Expedia (April 2019)

"No, we do not currently send the information to the partner as our policies for transmitting this information are now in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)"

If the original email is not sent, does Expedia send emails generated by channel's domain?

Per Expedia (April 2019)

"The information is not currently transmitted on all bookings at this time. This is in the works, but we do not have an expected time frame when this will be completed."

Why I'm not receiving any type of guest email contacts?

Per Expedia (April 2019)

"A temporary system email address is accessible in Partner Central and the partner is informed via email currently when a booking takes place. The partner can use the email address information in Partner Central or use the email address information available there."

How does Expedia handle the 3D Secure Regulation?

From Expedia:

"Starting from 14th September 2019, the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) comes into play across all European Economic Area (EEA) countries. This may affect some connected properties, so we wanted to share some information on the solutions we are offering to help them get prepared.

What is the change?

The change will require all consumers to provide two-factor authentication for their credit card payments to prove their identity. This means that consumers will have to give two of the following:

  • Something they know (password or PIN)
  • Something they own (e.g. the physical credit card)
  • Something they are (biometrics e.g. fingerprint)

How might this affect properties?

This change will have the most impact when properties are charging guests without them being physically present e.g. for pre-stay deposits, cancellation, or no-show fees. If customers aren’t able to complete two-factor authentication, banks may reject payments.

How can Expedia Group help properties?

1) Cancellation & no-show fees: Properties can opt-in to our new collection service at no extra cost and we’ll collect any no show or cancellation fees for them. We’ll validate their guests’ cards at the time of booking and if the charge is successful, the property will be provided an Expedia Virtual Card (EVC) to collect payment from Expedia.

2) Pre-stay Deposits: For properties with rate plans that require deposits, we’re recommending they move these to Expedia Collect only. This means we will collect the balance in full at the time of booking. With added confidence they will get paid, this means partners will no longer need a deposit. We’ll then pay out to properties at check-in through either EVC or bank transfer/direct debit.

Why was the reservation received without any payment information?

We have received an information from Expedia that they are currently testing an option to allow guests to make bookings without providing a credit card up-front. As per Expedia’s statements, this would make it quick and easy to book on the go and can help encourage last-minute bookings to fill the remaining rooms.

You can control your settings for these bookings, so Expedia only gives travelers this option if you have a certain amount of inventory remaining. Or, you can opt-out of this feature altogether. In order to do so, you would need to communicate with your Expedia Account Manager.

If a guest cancels or doesn't show up, be sure to reconcile the reservation by the fourth day of the month after they would have to check out and waive the cancellation fee to avoid paying unnecessary compensation.

This is an option that Expedia Group made available to all partners, with communication being sent out upon its activation.

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