How to edit Name, Email or Password


In order to edit your Name, Username or Password you must first log into your account. If you can't access your account, please follow this guide I can't access my account, how do I reset my password?

  1. On myfrontdesk, click the user icon on top right
  2. Click 'My User Profile'

Proceed to the below sections for specific instructions on how to edit your Name, User Name, and Password.

Please take note of your changes, as they will be asked next time you access the system.

How to Edit Name and Email

  1. On 'My User Profile' page click 'Edit Name and Email'
  1. Enter new First name/Last name/Email
  2. Click 'SAVE'

How to Edit your Password

  1. On 'My User Profile' click 'Edit System Password'
  1. Type your current password
  2. Type new password
  3. Retype/confirm new password
  4. Click 'SAVE'

Your Password must be strong and have the following security parameters:

  • At least 8 alphanumeric characters
  • At least 1 upper-case letter
  • At least 1 number
  • At least 1 special character
  • Can not be same as the email
  • Can not be same as the credit card password
  • Can not be the same a one of the 4 (four) previous used passwords

If you forgot your current password - please follow the instructions in this article: I can't access my account, how do I reset my password?"

Whenever your credentials (name, email or password) are updated, the system will ask you to enter the 2 Factor Authentication code the next time you login even using the same device.

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