Add or edit organization users

Organizations allow to create different types users to manage your organization properties with just a few clicks.

This article explains how to add and manage your organization users, and understand their corresponding roles and responsibilities within the Cloudbeds PMS platform.

Organization users overview

Once you have an Organization created, the Organization Owners and Admins will have access to a new section within the Users page, where they will see the following tabs:

  • Owners (Organization owner or property owners) - Users that are the organization owner, organization admin, or property owner within the organization.
  • Organization Users (Organization admins or organization users) - Users that are managed by the organization. These users have roles assigned to different properties within the organization.
  • Property Users (Property Owners, Property users) - Users that have property-level access.

Looking for more information about not-organization users? See: User Management

The organization hierarchy

Before creating or managing your organization users, it is essential to understand the organization’s hierarchy and the different user levels. Having an awareness of this will help you correctly define roles, permissions and responsibilities for your staff.

Manage organization users

Add organization admin

Before adding organization users, make sure to create their corresponding role, by clicking in the Roles tab.

  1. In your Account menu, go to the Settings Page 
  2. Click on the Users tab
  3. Click on the corresponding tab (owners, organization users, property users), based on the new user type to be added
  4. For example: In the Owners tab, click on +Add Organization admin
  1. Select between new user or existing user. If existing user is selected, a search bar will appear to type the existing user's name
  2. Add user details
  3. Save your changes
Add organization users
  1. In your Account menu, go to the Settings Page and click on the Users section
  2. In the Users tab, click on the Organization Users tab
  3. Click on Add user
  1. Add the user credentials (first/last name and email)
  2. Add assignments (roles)
  3. Assign the property or properties that this user will have access
  4. If this user will have more than one role in different properties (for example, in one they are front-desk manager and in a second property they are administrator) click on Add assignment to add more roles/properties
  5. Save

Click on the (x) icon to remove an assignment (assigned role and property)

Once created, all the Organization user will be displayed on the Organization Users table, where:

  • The Organization Owner can enable/disable users (the Organization user cannot disable their own user)
  • Under the Organization Role and Properties columns, can check which role the user was assigned and which property they have access to by clicking on the question mark
  • Check if user's account was verified or not in the Actions column.
Add property users

Property users need to be created on a property-level of the organization. Access the specific property to create the corresponding property users, following the steps in this guide: Add, edit or disable users

To transfer property-level users to the organization-level, go to this section below.

Edit organization user details

It is not possible to edit any information for other organization admins. You can only see the edit button for your own user.

  1. In your Users page, find the corresponding user to edit
  2. Click on the pencil icon of the Actions column
  3. Click Edit
  4. Edit the user information
  5. Save your changes

Other options and settings

Property switcher for organization users

The property switcher allows users to easily navigate through properties that belong to the same organization, registered under the same email address. Users can simply click in the property switcher, and access each one of their properties within the same browser tab.

Which users will be able to switch properties?

  • Users that were registered within an Organization such as Organization Owner, Organization Admins and Organization Users
  • Users that have been registered in two or more properties using the same email address. Those properties may belong or not to an Organization.

To switch properties:

  1. Click on the arrow next to your property name, in the top-left corner of your Cloudbeds PMS
  2. Click on the desired property to access it

You can also use the search bar of the property switcher to look for your property and access it directly.

Transfer property-level users to the organization-level

Transfer a property-level user to the organization-level directly in Cloudbeds PMS.

This option is useful when the property-level user needs to have access to multiple accounts (e.g. front desk managers, housekeeping, general managers, who are working with a chain of properties). It allows you to give access to multiple properties to a user without sharing admin-level access with them.

  1. In your Account menu, go to the Settings Page and click on the Users section
  2. Click on the Properties Users tab
  3. Click on Transfer under the Actions column to give the user access to more than one property

When you access the Properties Users tab, you can only see:

  • Active users that have property-level access
  • Users that can be transferred to properties within the Organization
  • Organization Owners or Admins cannot add new property-level users through this page.
  • You can only add a new property-level user on the User Management when you login as a property owner or property-level user that has permission to add users.
  1. Select which which roles you want to assign the user
  2. Select which properties you want to give them access to
  3. Click on Save
  • On the left side of the modal, you can see what assignments the property-level user already has access to.
  • To remove assignments, simply click on the (x) icon on the right side of the modal.
  • You can assign the user to multiple properties, but it is not possible to assign multiple roles in the same property for the same user.
    • For example: You cannot assign a front-desk role and a manager role to a user in property 1, but you can assign a front-desk role to this user in property 1, and a manager role in property 2.  
  • Property owners:
    • Will be only displayed under Owners tab
    • You cannot see property owners under Properties Users tab
    • You cannot deactivate a Property Owner
  • The user with a property-level access will disappear from the Properties Users tab when you grant them organization-level access to an account that they already had access as a property-level us; they will only be displayed under the Organization Users tab.

Questions about organization users? Visit our Organizations FAQ

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