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General System Settings Overview


The General System Settings is where you set preferences related to the format and automated functionality of your Cloudbeds PMS.

Property Owner has access to General System Settings by default. Other users must be given permission to manage Hotel Profile inside Roles. Learn more: Roles and Permissions

How to Access General System Settings

  1. Click Manage (gear icon).
  2. Under Property Configuration, select General System Settings.

Format Preferences

  1. Application Language: Select the default language for your property, new user accounts will have this language. Users can change their application language following the steps here: How to setup the System Languages
  2. Application Date Format: Select the format date is shown on Cloudbeds PMS.
  3. Application Time Format: Select the format time is shown on Cloudbeds PMS.
  4. Property Time Zone: The time zone of your property. If you noticed that the time zone is incorrect, reach out to our support team at and we will help you with the change. See Property Time Zone List
  5. Application Currency Format: Select the format currency is shown on Cloudbeds PMS.
  6. Application Currency: The main currency on Cloudbeds PMS. This is the currency of your base rates, rate plans, taxes/fees, and items. If you'd like to change your main currency, check: How to change the main application currency in myfrontdesk?

Automation Preferences

  1. Allow additional bookings when property is at full occupancy: Enabling this will open availability when your property is at no less than 100% occupancy — where one of the room types is already overbooked, but another still has availability. Learn more: Overbookings features in Cloudbeds
  2. Auto change status to "No Show" for reservations not checked in: When a guest does not show up on the the next day after arrival date by 2:05 AM (your time zone), the system will automatically change the status of the reservation to a No show. More information about the feature: How to Automatically Change Reservation Status to "No Show"
  3. Auto Checkout Date Extension: When a guest's status is not manually checked out (until 02:05 AM the next day), the system will assume that this customer is still in house and will extend that reservation automatically. More information about the feature: How to Automatically Extend Reservation Date

The Auto change status to No show and the Auto Checkout Date Extension features are activated (green) by default. To deactivate switch the button OFF (grey).

  1. Auto assign reservations: If enabled, all new reservations will be auto assigned to the first available accommodation within that room type. Learn more about how auto assign feature works: Auto Room Assignment Overview
  2. Use Default Country for guest: When turned ON, the country field in guest details will be pre-filled with your property's country.

In case additional guests are included during the reservation creation process, Cloudbeds will autofill with your property's country. If these additional guests are added after the reservation creation (via the Guest Details tab), the country field will not be autofilled.

  1. Allow same-day bookings on mybookings and channels? If enabled, guests will be allowed to book same day arrival on mybookings and all your connected channel — as long as it is supported by the channel. Learn more how this feature works: How to prevent same-day bookings
  2. Same-day bookings until: If turned ON, you can specify until what time the guest is allowed to book for the same-day arrival.

Time range starts from 00:00 AM - 23:59 PM. Leave the button OFF to allow guests to book same-day booking 24 hours.

Miscellaneous Preferences

  1. Show Estimated Arrival Time: Gives you option to fill in the guest's estimated arrival time when creating direct reservations (Walk-in, Phone, Email and Booking Engine). For the booking engine, you must also enable the option in the Booking Engine Settings.
  1. Show Check-outs in Departure List on Dashboard: If enabled, a property can see guests who have already checked out in their dashboard's Departure List. If disabled, a property will only see guests who still need to check out.
  1. Enable GDPR Compliance Functionality: If enabled, tools to comply with GDPR such as Guest Data Extraction, Anonymization and Marketing Opt-In will be available to your property. You will still be solely responsible for complying with GDPR legislation.
  2. Format for customer name in calendar: How the customer name is displayed in the calendar.
  3. Enable Payment Allocation: Enabling payment allocation means that when a user takes a payment, the user can specify exactly which charge that payment is for. Learn how payment allocation works: Payment Allocation Overview
  4. Breakfast (Channel Distribution): This option tells channels (OTAs) if breakfast pricing is included in your nightly rates. This setting only affects rates being sent in channel distribution (for applicable channels) and does not affect rates set in the Booking Engine.

This setting only affects rates being sent to the following channels: CTrip, HRS, Reconline and TripAdvisor. This setting does not affect rates set in mybookings booking engine or other connected channels.

  1. Require the full payment amount of the reservation to be collected prior to check-in: If enabled, reservation with remaining balance cannot be checked-in until full payment is collected. For more information, visit: How to enable or disable the Full Payment Requirement feature
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