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How to transfer the ownership of your Cloudbeds account


This article will walk you through the steps of transferring ownership of your Cloudbeds account to a new property owner.

The Property Owner is the person who signed up for your Cloudbeds account. They are the only user who can cancel or transfer ownership - No other user of your property can transfer property ownership.

How to Transfer Ownership of your Account

Step 1. Make sure that existing users are disabled or have the correct permissions

Every time a property gets a new owner, that owner should review users, roles, and security pages.

Before and after changing the property owner username/email/ password, you must go through the Users, Roles, and Security pages and make sure that the necessary users are disabled or the permissions are limited according to new owner's wishes. We suggest you:

  1. Access Users Page and review the existing users
    • If needed, disable the users that should not have system access anymore
  1. Access Roles Page and Review user's permissions - Make sure to review the option Delete Reservation under Reservation section and all the options under Sensitive & Personally Identifiable Information (PII) section
  1. Access Security Tab
    • Disable the users that shouldn't have Credit Card Viewing Permissions anymore. For further information about the Security page, check this article
Step 2. Make sure that the new property owner has a user created

In order to transfer the ownership of your Cloudbeds account, the system will ask you to search for an existing user. Meaning, the new owner needs to have a user created and verified.

  • If the new owner already has a user created, proceed with Step 3 below
  • If the new owner doesn't have a user created, proceed with the following steps
  1. Under Users tab, click on +Add User
  2. Fill in the user first / last name and email
  3. Assign a role in order to create the user (on the next step, you'll be able to give this person the property owner role)

Once you click to add a new user, you'll see the following information

Carolina Saint - Users - Google Chrome
  1. The new user will receive an activation email and the account needs to be verified (mandatory)
    • The newly user should check their mailbox for a Welcome to Cloudbeds email
    • Once they opens the email and clicks Set Password, they will be redirected to set up a password for Cloudbeds

To proceed with the ownership transfer, the newly created user needs to have the account status as Verified as shown below.

If it's not verified, it's not possible to proceed with the ownership transfer.

Step 3. Transfer Ownership
  • Before proceeding with the step below, if you are connected to any Marketplace App, you must first disconnect the apps and the new owner must later connect the apps again.
  • Only the current property owner can perform Property Ownership Transfer — no other user of the property can transfer property ownership.
  • The new property owner must have a user created and verified — check Step 2 above for further details.
  • This action cannot be reversed.
  • When a Property Ownership is transferred:
    • The previous property owner will not be able to access Cloudbeds anymore. If needed, they would need to be added as a new property user again.
    • Both users (the previous and new property owner), if logged in, will be automatically logged out.
    • For security reasons, the new property owner needs to log in again to gain access as property owner.
  1. Access Users tab under the User Management section
  2. Click on Ownership Transfer
  1. Click on Transfer Property Owner
  1. Search for the New Property Owner (you can search by name or email address)
  2. Click on Continue
Carolina Saint - Users - Google Chrome
  1. The following warning will be displayed - If everything is correct, click on Confirm
Carolina Saint - Users - Google Chrome

Email Notifications

When the transfer ownership was completed:

  • The previous property owner will receive the following email
Slack | mfd_core_release | Cloudbeds | 35 new items

The new property owner will receive the following email

Slack | mfd_core_release | Cloudbeds | 35 new items
Step 4. Review the billing information (if needed)

As a new property owner, ensure that your Billing information and payment method are correct.

Follow the steps in this article: Making changes to your Billing Account

We do not currently offer a way for you to manually remove a payment method from your Billing account. Please contact our customer support team for assistance.

If the previous owner is not available or the property owner's email address is incorrect

If you are the new owner of the property, and the previous owner did not follow the steps above - please contact them and send them the link to this article.  

If the previous owner cannot be reached, or if the property owner email is incorrect, please contact our support and provide as much detail regarding the situation as possible, and we will do our best to assist.

In order to transfer ownership without confirming with the previous owner, you will need to provide the following information and send it to us at this email address

  1. Your official government photo identification (passport, driver license, etc).
  2. The business license or ownership documentation showing the property/business is owned by the person in item #1 (could be a business license, property or business deed, business tax document, etc).
  3. Written approval (via email is fine) from the previous owner to change the account ownership to your name and the new email address that you have specified.
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