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Guests and Registration Cards - How to Set Up Guest Status


Guest Status are used to create different categories of guests, which are then displayed in both the Guest section and any reservations involving the customer in your system. Some examples would be for VIP, AAA Member, or even if you've disallowed them.

This article explains how to set up guest status and shows the uses of the Guest Status feature on Cloudbeds PMS.

Guest Status in Cloudbeds PMS

Things to note:

  • Guest status is designed to be an internal reference for your staff and does not change or affect any reservations or the booking engine. 
  • Applying a disallowed status to a guest does not prevent the guest from creating a reservation
How to Set Up
  1. Click on the Account icon
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on Guest Status
  4. Add the Status Name
  5. Add a Description (optional)
  6. Click Save
  7. Review your new Guest Status
Uses for Guest Status

Once you have created a guest status, there are a number of uses:

1. Assign a status to a customer inside the reservation

2. Filter Guests

  1. Click on the main Menu
  2. Access Guests tab
  3. Filter by Guest Status
  4. Click Apply

3. Create a Reservation

The Guest Status will be displayed next to the guest's email address, when adding the guest details while Creating a New Reservation:

Learn more about Guests and Registration Cards.

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