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Set up Bank Transfer as a payment option


This article will walk you through the process of setting up Bank Transfer as a payment option for your property in Cloudbeds PMS. During the setup, your Onboarding coach will help make sure that the proper information to receive bank transfers for your property is accurate but in the event, it needs to be changed then please follow the steps below.

Please note that you can use this method to receive payments and any surcharge that the individual banks add to use this service is at your own expense.

How to set up Bank Transfer as a payment option

Follow the steps below:

  1. Account
  2. Settings
  3. Click on Payments
  4. Payments Options
  5. Access Bank Transfer tab
  6. Switch the toggle Activate/Deactivate to green (active)
  1. Select where you want to allow this type of payment type:
    • Direct / Dashboard Reservations
    • Mybookings Booking Engine
  2. Enter all the required information to receive the bank transfers

To ensure that your guests have the correct information, make sure to list your property and bank addresses somewhere in this section along with all the bank account details. This will help ensure that payments are processed efficiently.

  1. You can also add all the details in other languages
  2. Click SAVE to complete the process

Frequently Asked Questions

I've enabled Bank Transfer as a payment method but I cannot see it on the Booking Engine. Why?

There could be some reasons as to why you are not able to see the Bank Transfer as a payment option:

1. Mybookings Booking Engine was not selected in the setting

Make sure to select Mybookings Booking Engine when setting up Bank Transfer as an option, otherwise, it will be hidden from your booking engine page.

2. You do not collect deposit payment at the time of booking

Bank Transfer will only show up on mybookings when you have deposit amount configured in your Policies.

If the option Do not collect deposit payment is selected, the Bank Transfer option will not show up since there will be no deposit amount showing for your guests to pay. You must configure the deposit amount by choosing the deposit type under your  Policies.

  1. Click Policies
  2. Under Deposit, choose one of the following options Percentage, Fixed Amount or First Day Price
  3. If you had chosen Do not collect deposit payment at the time of booking and enabled the option to capture the credit card details, the system will ask guest to put their credit card details instead (if Credit Card is enabled as your Payment Option for mybookings).
If I deactivate Bank Transfer, will the payments added using this option disappear from the reservations/reports?

No. All previously added payments will still appear on the reservations, house accounts, and also reports. Deactivating a payment method will no longer allow you to add that payment type going forward.

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