Custom payment methods


The custom payment method allows properties to add their own payment types accepted at the property.

Adding a new payment method

Click on the "Add Payment Type" link located at the top of all the payment types (1). This will bring up a pop-up to add the payment type-> Select "Custom" (2) -> Enter your custom payment label/name (3) and click SAVE to save your payment method (4).

You will see the new payment type appear within the table in an "Active" state.

Please remember that all custom payment types will now be available internally (when adding a new payment within the folio or house account). It will not be available on your connected channels.

Disabling / Deleting a payment method

1 - To deactivate one of the payment methods, toggle the switcher to the "Inactive" state. This will remove the ability to add this payment type going forward. You can always return to this page at a later time to activate the payment type.

2 - If you prefer, you can delete the payment method permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where will these payment methods appear?

The payment options will appear when adding a payment to a reservation or a house account. All payments added with these payment types will likewise appear on the reports.

Can I make these payment types available on mybookings?

No. These payment types can only be recorded within the application. They may not be used on mybookings.

Will a payment that has been added with a payment type that is now inactive still appear on reservations?

Yes. All previously added payments will appear on the reservations, house accounts, and reports. Deactivating a payment method will no longer allow you to add that payment type going forward.

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