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This report is under the Financial Reports section. Some transactions refer to Revenue for the property such as food and beverage charges, and Room and Tax charges (Debits). Other transactions refer to payments made by the guest, such as credit card or cash payments (Credits).

This article will assist you in generating a variety of financial reports for your property from the transaction report section. 


Property owner has access to Financial Reports by default. Other users must be granted permission inside Roles. Learn more: Roles and Permissions

  1. Click Menu.
  2. Click Reports.
  3. Select Financial Reports.
  4. Click Transactions.
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Narrow the data by using the filters:

  1. Reservation #, Room # or  Guest Name 
  2. From Date - To Date: Use this section to select the START and END dates in which you want the report to begin and stop.
  3. User: It can be modified to only show 1 or all users. The system selects ALL users by default.
  4. Description: This is the main section that will allow you to generate a variety of reports depending on which description is chosen.

Examples on how to set the description filter to generate specific report types:

  • Income Report: Uncheck "Select all Debits" section — this will leave only Credits (Payments) selected.
  • Room & Tax Report: Uncheck "Select all Debits" and "Select all Credits". Once that is done and everything is unchecked, go to Debits and select "Room Rate" as well as "Taxes and Fees".
  • Items & Services Reports: Uncheck "Select all Credits" and uncheck all debits that are not associated with Items & Services.
  1. Group By and Sub-Group By: Depending on the type of report, you will want to group or sub-group the report by User, Date, Room, Guest Name or Reservation Number.
  2. Adjustments: Select the type of adjustment to be included in the report (Simple Transactions*, Adjustments, Adjustments with voids, Voids, Refunds)

*Simple transactions are all transactions that are not part of any adjustments, voids or refunds (e.g, Room Revenue, Taxes, Items and Services, Payments, etc).

  1. Status: Select the reservation status you want to generate the report. All statuses are selected by default. 
  2. Type: This field allows you to sort the report by transaction type. You can filter by:
    • Reservations - Transactions within a reservation
    • House Accounts - Transactions within a house account
    • Cash Drawers - Cash added directly to the cash drawer. It does not filter cash payments in a folio.
    • Group Profiles - Transactions in a group profile (only available if Groups feature is enabled)
  3. Click Apply to save the filter settings.

View report

The report generated will show the necessary fields regarding :

  • User
  • Date/Time
  • Room
  • Name/Surname
  • Reservation Number
  • Transaction Code (TRN Code) - It appears when a charge or payment was added to a folio manually
  • Description
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • Reservation Status
  • Notes
  • Quantity (of items)
  • Debit / Credit

Email or export report to PDF/Excel

URL Packing (Ability to navigate the browser with previously used filters)

Once the filters are applied, the system will save them in the URL so that it's easier for you to navigate forward and backward on your browser without losing the previously applied filters.

This will allow you to bookmark the report page and copy and paste the URL to share it with other users who have access to the report.

  • Navigating on your browser: The system will remember the previously used filters on the report, therefore, it's possible for you to go on another page and keep the same filter setting when using the 'page back' function in your browser.
  • Bookmarking the report: If you need to generate the same report with certain filters, you can choose to bookmark the page and open the report when needed.
  • Sharing the URL: Copy and paste the URL of the page after the filters have been applied to share it with other users who have access to the report.
  • Clearing the Filters: Click "Clear" to clear the selected filters if you would like to generate a different report using a new set of filters.
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