How to set up Credit Card as a payment option in your property


This article will walk you through the process of setting up credit card payment option.

If you have the Payment Processing feature enabled, you can charge your guest's credit card through the payment gateway. You may also configure the Payment Processing Methods for reservations coming from mybookings and OTAs. See more details in this article: Setting payment options for OTAs and mybookings

Otherwise, you can strore guest's credit card in the system and charge it using an external system (POS, terminal, online banking). Learn more in this article: How to Add / Post Payment to Reservation as a Record (Without Using Payment Gateway Processing)

At this time, the only extended functionality to payments is credit card processing. Currently, we do not have additional payment functionalities such as: direct billing, line of credit, credit monitoring or accounts receivable.
Remember that you can always submit your ideas using this guide: How to vote for or submit your idea in myfrontdesk?

How to configure Credit Card as a payment method

  1. Click the gear icon (Manage)
  2. Go to Payment Options
  3. Under the Credit Card tab, select where do you want to allow this payment type.
    • To make the payment method available for direct reservations (Phone, Walk-in, Email) check the box Direct/Dashboard Reservations.
    • To make the payment method available for guests on the booking page, check the box MyBookings Booking engine.
  1. If you need to add any card type besides the ones added to the system by default, click Add Credit Card

Adding a New Credit Card:

  • Select the Card Type you need to add
  • Select if the new credit card will be accepted on either Direct/Dashboard Reservations and/or Mybookings Booking Engine
  • Click on Save to ensure that the information is saved properly
  1. Once you clicked SAVE in the previous step, it will bring you to this screen.
  • To edit - click on the [pencil] icon next to the credit card name
  • To delete - click on the [x] icon next to the credit card name

6. You can also enable the option Suggest to store credit card information when adding payment

When a credit card payment is being added to a reservation, our system will automatically show the fields to enter credit card data. Leave this unchecked if you prefer not to store credit card data.

Due to security reasons, the credit card data is available up until 14 days after the check-out date. After this period, the guests’ credit card information will be deleted from the system and from our data vaults.


If I disable Credit Card as a payment option, will the payments added using this option disappear from the reservations/reports?

No. All previously added payments will still appear on the reservations, house accounts, and also reports. Deactivating a payment method will no longer allow you to add that payment type going forward.

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