Cloudbeds Payments - Everything you need to know


Cloudbeds Payments is a fully integrated all-in-one solution that is currently offered to customers based US only. We can now provide eCommerce and card present transactions all with one service

The card-present desktop solution for Cloudbeds Payments is the Verifone P400.

What regions is Cloudbeds Payments available in?

US based customer can take advantage of Cloudbeds Payments now and we will be expanding into other regions in 2021 and beyond.

If you are interested in our Cloudbeds Payments feature, click here for further details and talk to our team!


  •  Streamline operations with one system: no more manually entering transactions from one platform to another. With all your transactions in one place, reporting and reconciliation becomes a breeze. Cloudbeds Payments makes relationship management, accounting, and payment processing all work seamlessly together
  • Simple Application and Setup: Our setup process is designed to be fast and simple. Easy online application, with terminas shipped right to your door; accept payments within minutes.
  • Cut costs: reduce employee/staff hours by eliminating the need to track and report transactions in multiple platforms. No more dual entry, no more manual batching. Everything happens automatically without having to directly intervene.
  • Greater accuracy: remove human error from the equation - no more redundant dual entries, no more calculation mistakes, no more misplaced invoices. This too cuts costs - fewer errors means fewer losses.
  • State of art point of sale hardware: Cloudbeds Payments uses the newest, and most secure payment terminal on the market, the Verifone P400. Tap, dip and chip, or swipe all major credit cards.
  • Easy dispute management: Our team works tirelessly to immediately identify and respond to disputes that do occur.
  • In house Customer Support and Risk (fraud) team: With Cloudbeds Payments, all Support and Risk analysis is completed in house. No more 3rd parties! Click here to contact our support team when needed
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