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Cloudbeds Payments - Payouts Report


The Payouts Report can be utilized for deposit information and reconciliation for merchants using Cloudbeds Payments.

How to Access Payouts Report

  1. Click Menu.
  2. Go to Reports.
  3. Select Payment Reports.
  4. Click Payouts Report.
[TEST] Lviv hotel | CB payments - Dashboard

Payouts Report

  1. Use the filter to find your report.
    • Date — select the START and END date
    • Status — select the desired transaction status
      • Paid
      • Pending
      • Canceled
      • Failed
  1. Click Apply to generate the report.
  2. Payout ID: The identifier of each transaction which indicates which payout the payment was deposited into.
  3. Payment Date: The date you should see the payout hit your bank account.
  4. Status: The status of your payout. Typically, this column will state PAID.

If you see FAILED under this column, contact us at as there may be an issue with your bank account.

  1. Net Amount: The amount of your payout (Gross Amount minus Fees).
  2. Total # of Trans: Summary of how many transactions were in the particular payout.
  3. Gross Amount: Sum of all transactions —not including fees deducted.
  4. Fees: Sum of all the fees charged.
  5. Click to download the payout details. The file will be downloaded to your computer.
  6. On your browser, click to open the file.

You will see more details of each transaction in the file. Example:

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