Payment Processing Report


Payment Processing Report is automatically added to the list of reports in your system once you have Payment Processing enabled. It helps track any transactions made through the payment gateway (authorizations, charges, refund) as well as check their status and retry or cancel scheduled payments.

In order to see this report the following role should be enabled for your user: Authorize and process credit card payments

Access and Generate Payment Processing Report

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Select Payment Processing Report

You may apply certain filters to generate the report as necessary:

  1. Date Payment Scheduled For: Select the date range for which the payment has been processed, failed, or scheduled
  2. Status: Choose the payment status
  • Successful: The transaction has been processed through your gateway
  • Failed: An error has caused failed transaction. The error detail can be found in the 'Gateway Result' column - 'Unselect' this status if you do not want to include the sum of the declined transactions on your report
  • Cancelled: The user has cancelled the scheduled pending transaction
  • Pending: The transaction is in the queue and your gateway will try to process it on the scheduled date
  1. Credit Card Type: List of all credit cards types
  2. Payment Types: Gateway Authorization, Gateway Payment (Charge) or Gateway Refund, Terminal Payment (available for Cloudbeds Payments only)
  3. Amount: Search transactions with specific amount
  4. Fee: Search transactions with specific transaction fee applied (available for Cloudbeds Payments only)
  5. Net Amount: Search transactions by net amount (available for Cloudbeds Payments only)
  6. Click Apply to generate the report according to the filters
  7. Export: Export the report as a PDF/Excel file
  8. Email: Email the report

Payment Processing Report Overview

On the report generated you can find the following information

  1. Date: The date the transaction was processed or scheduled for
  2. Guest name: The guest to which transaction applies
  3. Reservation ID: The reservation number in which the transaction belongs to
  4. Gateway Transaction ID: The gateway payment ID which indicates the payment was accepted by the gateway

The payment ID is the identifier given by the gateway for any payment, which doesn't necessarily indicates a completed payment (i.e authorization)

  1. Arrival date: The date when the guest arrive
  2. Departure date: The date when the guest depart
  3. Card: This column shows the credit card type (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc)and  last 4 digits of the processed credit card
  4. Status: Displays whether the transaction was successful, failed, cancelled or pending (scheduled)
  5. Gateway Result: If the transaction is failed, you can check the error which caused the failed transaction
  6. Payment Types: Shows whether transaction was Authorization, Payment Processing (Charge), or Refund
  7. Payment Gateway: The payment processor company
  8. Amount: Shows the amount of transaction
  9. Fee: The amount of transaction fee applied (available for Cloudbeds Payments only)
  10. Net Amount: Total amount - (minus) transaction fee (available for Cloudbeds Payments only)
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