How Does Payment Scheduling Work?

If you have certain OTAs (such as or Expedia), those OTAs will send your guest's credit card numbers to our system for any reservations that were not prepaid. With this credit card data, you can configure Cloudbeds PMS to manage payments of the deposit for those reservations automatically.

Learn how to automatically schedule payments for your Booking Engine and connected channels: How to set up automatic/scheduled payment processing for OTAs and Cloudbeds Booking Engine

How does it work?

When Payment Processing is enabled, you will be able to configure a payment to be processed a certain number of days prior to the arrival date for each channel that provides Cloudbeds credit card details (including Cloudbeds Booking Engine).


If you have a policy to charge the deposit for full amount 2 days prior to the arrival (because of your cancellation policy), you can select to process the payment 2 days before the guest arrives. Just like having a future room rate transaction that is automatically scheduled to post for a future date, this payment transaction will likewise be scheduled to post at a later time.


  • Scheduled payments are triggered around 2:00 AM (property's local time).
  • If the reservation arrival date is less than the number of days in advance to charge the card, the payment will be processed immediately.
  • At the moment, the system doesn't allow you to automate more than one payment process per reservation or have different automations per reservation source

How to check any scheduled payments

1. Using the folio

All pending transactions can be seen on the folio of each reservation by applying the Pending filter. These pending transactions will appear in grey as shown in the bottom legend.

2. Payment Processing Report

Using Payment Processing Report, you can view successful and failed scheduled transactions and filter them by posted or pending status. To learn more about this report, visit: Payment Processing Report

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