How To Set a Guest Deposit


This tutorial will show you how to setup a deposit amount and the different deposit options.

The deposit that you set up is listed in your Mybookings booking engine and also used when creating reservations directly from myfrontdesk

If you have payment gateway connected to myfrontdesk - you can set up automatics or scheduled charge of deposit amount for bookings from Mybookings and certain channels

Learn more in this article: Setting Payment Options for OTAs

Where to set guest deposit in myfrontdesk?

1. In myfrontdesk click gear icon

2. Go to the Policies page

3. Open 'Deposit' tab

Use other options on 'Policies' page to define the terms and conditions for which you will accept reservations. These are the terms that will be a legally binding obligation between you and the guest in order to guarantee a room stay at your property. A guest must accept your terms when they complete the reservation checkout process and you must provide the services under the terms that you have offered them through your website.

Types of Deposit in myfrontdesk


  • At the moment it's only possible to set one type of deposit for all the reservations
  • The deposit is calculated from room rate only (sub-total). You can also decide whether taxes and fees will be the part of deposit (available for specific deposit types only).  Add-ons and items won't be included to deposit amount
Percentage Method

What deposit percentage (%) of the total do you require to secure a reservation? - Here you will want to put your properties deposit amount in percentage.


Fixed Amount Method

Fixed amount option is a set amount for every room type per night/per accommodation.

Please note that if the fixed deposit amount will be higher than room rate value (when creating a reservation on mybookings), the system will put the daily room rate as the deposit. 

First Day Price Method

The first-day price deposit option is equivalent to the combined amount of all rooms for the first day's stay. This deposit is strictly the daily room rate if you want to add tax/fees specified as part of the deposit you will need to turn that feature on.


Do not collect deposit Method

This method is used for properties that do not collect a deposit to secure reservations. With this option, you have the ability to capture the guest credit card details for the reservation to keep on file.

Additional Deposit Settings
Require the full payment amount of the reservation to be collected prior to check-in

This feature is for internal use only. If this feature is enabled, then staff will need to ensure that the Balance Due section of the guest reservation is at $0.00 before checking in the reservation. If there is a balance still due on the guest reservation then the system will prevent you from checking in that reservation on the platform.

Include taxes and fees specified as part of the deposit

You will see this feature only on the Percentage and First Day Price deposit options. Please note that you will have your taxes/fees built in the Taxes/Fees section as well as configured in the Reservation Sources tabs.

Choose reservation confirmation type (Mybookings and direct reservations only)

The reservation confirmation type describes how you want to handle online reservations through the Mybooking booking engine and the facebook app.

There are 2 options:

1. "Immediately confirm online reservations without verifying deposit payment"

The reservation will be marked as confirmed. If the reservation is made in Mybookings or on the facebook app, the guest will be notified that the reservation is confirmed. The system will generate the Reservation Confirmed email template to be sent to the guest.

2. "For online reservations, require confirmation of the deposit payment before reservation is confirmed"

The reservations will be marked as "Pending Confirmation" when a new reservation is made in Mybookings or on the facebook app. The system will automatically generate the Pending Confirmation email template to the guest.

Upon verifying payment, the status will need to be manually updated to Confirmed, at which point you will be asked whether to send a confirmation email to the guest.

Choose whichever option works best for your property.

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