Policies Overview


The policies page is where you will be able to set the reservation terms and conditions, deposit info, cancellations info and your arrival and departures info between the property and the guests.  

These are the terms that will be a legally binding obligation between you and the guest in order to guarantee a room stay at your property. A guest must accept your terms when the complete the reservation checkout process and you must provide the services under the terms that you have offered them through your website.

Policies - General Settings

1: You can choose the amount of deposit you will charge.

  • Percentage
  • Fixed Amount
  • First Day Price
  • Do not collect deposit payment at the time of booking

2: "Do you require the full payment amount of the reservation to be collected prior to check-in?"

  • This option will prevent the guest from being checked-in until their balance has been paid.

3: "Do you charge any additional taxes/fees not included in the price of your rooms?"

  • You can choose to have any of your fees or taxes added to the nightly room rates or reservation

4: "Include taxes and fees specified as part of the deposit"

  • Select whether the taxes and fees specified should also be included as part of the intial suggested deposit

Policies - Cancellation Policy

We do suggest that every property posts a cancellation policy. You can either use one of our templates or setup your own.

Set your own cancellation policy


1: First check "I would like to enter my own cancellation policy"

2: Then enter in your own cancellation text that will show up on the mybookings booking engine.

Use one of our cancellation policies

You also have the option to use on of our cancellation policies by entering the:

1: Policy

  • Full Charge: Full charge of the reservation
  • Partial Charge: You choose the partial charge of the cancellation
  • No Charge: There will be no charge for a cancellation

2: Type

  • Full Deposit: The Full Deposit will be charged if there is a cancellation
  • Full Pay: The full balance of the reservation will be charged

3: If cancelled with # of Days of Arrival: The # of days before arrival that this policy will come into affect

Policies - Terms & Conditions

Every property has its own policies and you must include your property's terms in this section.

1:On the Terms & Conditions page is an important setting for Confirmation Pending. By default all reservations are confirmed when they are created through the booking engine or through myfrontdesk. You can select to make all of the reservations confirmation pending until manually changed or until the deposit has been paid.

2: Some examples of sections typically addressed under terms and conditions include:

  • Prices and Taxes
  • Payment and Terms at Check-in, Check-out
  • Traveling with Minors
  • Accessibility or Special Needs
  • Parking
  • Hotel Events
  • Dispute Resolution/Problems
  • Use of Personal information
  • Liability
  • Force Majeure
  • 3rd Party Rights
  • Waiver
  • Severance

3: Enter a custom terms & condition

Policies - Arrival & Departure

You can also set custom Arrival and Departures info

1: First choose your check-in and check-out times

2: You also have the option of choosing late check-out

3: Then choose the late check-out time and if there is a late check-out fee

Policies - Arrival & Departure
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