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With the Products feature, you can list and organize the products and services sold at your property in Cloudbeds PMS.

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  • Organize and manage the items and services available for sale at your property
  • Increase your direct bookings revenue by offering items and services in Cloudbeds Booking Engine
  • Easily include items and services in the reservation folio


At the Products settings page, you will find two configuration tabs:

  1. Item Categories - create each category to organize your products and services, such as beverage, cleaning, food, etc. This will make it easier to select the item while adding it to a reservation.
  2. Items and Services - list all products and services available at your property for inventory control and create their SKU number, code and price.

As a complement to the Items and Services feature, Cloudbeds PMS also has:

  1. Add-ons to set up items and services to show up on the reservation page in your booking engine.
  2. Stock Inventory tool managed on the reorder notifications tab for better control of the quantity of products that are currently available for sale.

If you are interested in the above features, reach out to our support.

The configured items in Cloudbeds PMS cannot be mapped and synchronized with your connected channels (OTAs).  For more details, check How to handle Items & Services in OTAs reservations.

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