Roles and Permissions


Myfrontdesk allows you to enable a number of possible permissions for the customized roles you create for your employees and staff. This guide will show you how to add permissions for roles and also explain what the permissions mean.

Permissions Overview
Hotel Setup
  1. Hotel Profile: Users will be able to change the property type, language, time zone, property images, as well as business information.
  2. Amenities: Users will be able to select which amenities the property offers as well as the individual room accommodation amenities offered.
  3. Payment Options: User will be able to select which payments are accepted by the property.
  4. Accommodations: User will be able to set up the accommodations and allotment of property.
  5. Hotel Policies: User will be able to set the terms and conditions, deposit policy and cancellation policy.
  6. Revenue On Dashboard: User will see the daily revenue appear on the dashboard
  7. Items And Services: User will be able to add inventory items that the property can sell
  8. Booking Engine: User can install the facebook application, website widget, as well as customize the header and footer on the booking page.
  9. Sources: User will be able to set up the sources for the property
  10. Taxes and Fees: User can set up the taxes and fees that the property charges
  11. Custom Email Templates: User can customize the emails that are being sent to the guests.
  12. Distribution: User will be able to set up the OTA channels on which to sell inventory, as well as manage  how inventory is distributed on other OTA channels.
  13. Registration Cards:  User will be able to create the registration cards that will be printed for the property.
  14. Custom Fields: User will be able to add custom fields to direct reservations, the booking engine, and the registration cards.
  15. Manage Users: User will be able to add other users to the system and manage their roles
  16. Manage User Roles  Permissions: User will be able to add new user roles as well as modify existing ones.
  17. Allow Add Adjustments, Items, Room Revenue for Past Dates :You can allow/disallow users, add adjustments, items, room revenue for past dates.
  18. Guest Invoicing: User will be allowed to access the invoice setup page in order to make changes to how the invoice is created.
  19. System Notification Preferences: User will be able to manage preferences for system notifications (select which emails will be received in the user's inbox)
    This tab can be found in SYSTEM NOTIFICATIONS section (Manage -> System Notification Preferences)
  20. System Email Permission: User will be able to view both the email delivery log (This tab can be found in Manage -> EMAIL CONFIGURATION -> Email delivery log) and the email history directly in each reservation.
  1. Bar Rates: User can add and edit daily rates.
  2. Create / Edit Rate Plans: User will be able to create rate plans, as well as edit the rates and restrictions for all accommodations.
  3. Increase Daily Rate: User will be able to increase the rate on any single day.
  4. Decrease Daily Rate: User will be able to decrease the rate on any single day.
  1. Production Reports: User will be able to view all production reports
  2. Financial Reports: User will be able to view all financial reports
  3. Daily Activity Reports: User will be able to view all daily activity reports
  4. Policy Report: User will have access to Police Report
  1. Add Payments: User can add a payment to all reservations and accounts
  2. Add Refund: User will be allowed to add a refund amount to the guest folio
  3. Receive Payment Processing Emails: User will receive an email each time a payment is authorized, processes successfully, refunded successfully, or an error occurs attempting any of these actions.
  4. Add Payments Larger Than The Reservation Total: User will be able to add payment that is higher than the remaining reservation amount.
  5. Authorize And Process Credit Card Payments: If enabled, the user will be able to authorize a credit card using payment processing, charge an existing authorized card, or process a payment for a specified amount.
  6. Modify Void Payments: Gives the user the ability to modify and void payments
  7. Void Payments After 24 Hours: If enabled, user will be allowed to void payments even if 24 hours or more have passed. This applies to all payment types aside from cash. Most payment gateways likewise do not allow for a payment to be voided after 24 hours, but varies for each payment gateway
  8.  Record Existing Credit Card Payments: If enabled, the user will be able to post credit card payments to folio for payments that were processed elsewhere (e.g. your local POS) not via integrated Payment Gateway.
    The permission will be visible only when payment gateway feature is enabled for the property. By default this permission will be turned on. If permission is disabled it will not show the option "Record Previous Payment (Don't charge card)" in Add payment section in the Folio.
  1. Adjustments:  User will be able to add adjustments to all reservations and accounts.
  2. Adjust Taxes/Fees On Folio: User will be able to add taxes and fees adjustments to folio
  3. Void Adjustments: User can remove an adjustment from Reservations and House Accounts
Items And Services
  1. Add Inventory Product To Reservation / Account: User will be able to add inventory product to reservations/account
  2. Allow To Override The Price Of Product On Reservation / Account: User will be allowed to modify the price of the product when adding it to a reservation or an account.
  1. Modify Reservations: User will be able to modify reservation dates, room types, details as well as change the reservation status.
  2. Modify Reservation Rate: User will be able to modify the daily rate and/or the total rate on a reservation.
  3. Override Rate Difference: When a guest is moved from one accommodation type to another using the calendar, and the rates between the two accommodations are different, the user will be able to override the rate difference.
  4. Edit Guest Always:User will be able to update guest information even if reservation is for a past date, or a status that is not confirmed / in-house
  5. Delete Reservation: User will be able to delete reservation from platform. You will not be able to reinstate as all data is deleted. (Recommended to turn off)
  6. Create Third Party Reservations: - User will be able to create Third Party reservation on dashboard.
  7. Create Overbooked Third-Party Reservations: Users will be able to create third party reservations for dates with no availability.
  8. Allow Override Min/Max LOS Restrictions: User will be able to override the Min/Max LOS restrictions if applicable
  9. Check Out Reservations with Balance Due: Allows user to check out a guest from the platform with an outstanding balance due on account.
  10. Allow Manually Add and Void Taxes and Fees: Users are able to add/void taxes and fees to guest folios.
  11. Create and Modify A Reservation for Past Dates:
    Create reservation for any available date in the past.
    -Modify check in and check out dates for a reservation with past dates.
    -Edit rates for the reservation in the past.
    -Delete transactions posted in the past (remove from reports).
  12.  Create and edit Reservations for yesterday: The user can create or modify reservations for only 1 day in the past to account for late night and early morning walk-ins.
  1. Create / Modify / Delete Drawers: User will be able to add and remove cash drawers that exist within the property.
  2. Open Cash Drawers:  User will be able to open cash drawers
  3. View Reports of All Users:  User will be able to view all the cashier reports, not just their own.
  4. Add Cash Transactions Without Having Drawer Open:  User will be able to add payments and adjustments without opening a cash drawer first.
  5. Close Drawers Opened By Others: User will be able to close a drawer that was opened by another user.
  6. View Open Drawers And Post Transactions:  User will be allowed to view all open drawers and post cash transaction to ANY open drawer.
  1. Create Out of Service / Room Block From Calendar: User will be able to create a room block or an out of service block from calendar.
  2. Availability Block: User will be able to block out one or more room types on all channels (distribution and availability tab).
House Accounts
  1. Add / Use House Accounts: User will be able to create new house accounts, add  payments and adjustments to existing ones.
  2. Add Private House Accounts: Create private house accounts.
PIE - Price Intelligence Engine
  1. Access PIE
  2. Access Rules
  3. Create, Activate, Deactivate And Modify Rules  
  4. Accept And Deny Rules That Need To Be Confirmed  
  5. Access Compsets 
  6. Create, Activate, Deactivate And Modify Compsets  
  7. Access Events  
  8. Create And Modify Events
API Credentials and Integrations
  1. View API Credentials: Allows user access to "API Credentials Page"
  2. Delete API Credentials: Allows for deleting sessions and issued client_IDs on the "API Credentials" page
Folios and Transactions
  1. View Configure Folios Page: Allows user to view and make changes on the folio configuration page
  2. Create Folios: Allows user to create additional folios on a reservation / house account
  3. Modify Folios: Allows user to modify a folio on a reservation / house account
  4. Remove Folios: Allows user to remove a folio from a reservation / house account
  5. Move Transactions Between Folios (Of Same Reservation): Allows user to move transactions between folios (of same reservation)
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