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Mybookings is our commission-free booking engine fully integrated with Cloudbeds PMS (Property Management System). This article answers the most frequently asked questions about mybookings.

If you are having issues with the booking engine, check out the following article: Mybookings Troubleshooting

How can I insert the booking engine to my hotel's website?

There are two ways you can insert/link the booking engine to your website:

  1. You may copy the Mybookings Website Widget code and paste it into your website.

This code will display a small block with Check-In / Check-Out selection windows and GO button (search). Clicking this button will redirect your guest to mybookings page that shows available accommodations for the dates selected.

  1. You can also copy the mybookings iframe and paste it to your website. Mybookings iframe is basically a mybookings window built into your website where the guest may complete a reservation. Learn more here: How to use an iframe with mybookings
Can I mask or change my mybookings URL to my personal domain?

Unfortunately, URL masking is not currently supported, however we are working on implementing this functionality in the future.

The best solution for you would be to embed mybookings as an iframe into your website. Learn more here: How to use an iframe with mybookings

Can I promote special offers with mybookings?

Yes, with myfrontdesk controlling mybookings you may create Rate Plans & Packages (with promo code if necessary)which can be displayed and sold on mybookings.

Is it possible to sell my rooms only with (promotional) rate plans on mybookings?

Yes, you can configure the system to only display your promotional rate plans and packages (without the base rates) on mybookings. Follow the step-by-step in this article: How can I sell my rooms only with (promotional) rate plans and packages on mybookings?

Do you offer mybookings customization?
  • Cloudbeds also offers Cloudbeds Websites - A professionally built websites that are fully integrated with the Cloudbeds booking engine, channel manager and PMS - Click here to check further details.
Can I charge the guests directly on mybookings?

Yes. If you have Payment Processing enabled in myfrontdesk PMS, you may setup a deposit amount to be charged immediately when making a reservation or certain days before guest's arrival.

You can also simply collect guests' credit card details in order to charge your guests later for their stay. Learn more here: Setting payment options for OTAs and mybookings

How do I know what payment method the guest used to make mybookings reservations?

The payment information from your booking engine reservation is visible in the reservation header.

On the reservation summary received via email, the payment method is also visible.

In order to receive this type of emails, you need to setup the property email address under the System Notification Preferences

Can I customize the check-in & check-out window in the search tab?

Mybookings will display the check-in and check-out date based on the lowest Minimum Length of Stay (MinLOS) configured in the system. The system always takes the lowest MinLos within the base rate and also the rate plans.


  • The lowest MinLos in the system for July 14 2020 is 2 nights
  • By default mybookings will display the check-in date 14/07/2020 and the check-out date 16/07/2020 in the search tab (2 days gap)
I have different MinLOS/MaxLOS for my base rates and rate plans, why the Availability Calendar is only showing one and not the other?

The Availability Calendar will display the lowest Minimum Length of Stay (MinLOS) and the highest Maximum Length of Stay (MaxLOS) within the base rate and the rate plans configured for each room type in the system.

Example: If the lowest MinLOS for the Standard & Family Room belongs to a rate plan, this MinLOS will be the one showing on the Availability Calendar for the date selected (note: Availability Calendar will not show the rate plan name. It will only show the room type along with the MinLOS).

If you want to give more details about the length of stay restrictions, you can add a text or banner on mybookings to inform your guests.

Is it possible to configure the booking engine to load a minimum of 2 nights by default?

Currently it is not possible for the Booking Engine to load two nights by default. As a workaround, you can add a notification under the search button.

Check here to check the specific code to add a custom text below the search button.

Can I replace the room name with the rate plan name in the restriction window on the Availability Calendar?

No, it is not possible to replace the name of the room type with the rate plan name on the Availability Calendar. The calendar shows the name of the room type along with the length of stay restrictions by default.

If you want to give more details about the rate plans or any length of stay restrictions, you can add a text or banner on mybookings to inform your guests.

How to add a notification/banner to mybookings

There is no lock icon next to mybookings URL on the browser - is it secure?


When my guest clicks on Book Now, they are redirected to mybookings but there is no lock icon next to the browser URL like shown below:

How could this happen and is it secure?

This could happen when using images from an unsafe server through the CSS code. It means that the CSS image URL that you are using is affecting/hiding the lock icon from your booking engine page (example: background image). Nevertheless, the booking engine continues to be secure.

If you add any URL on the customization page that is not HTTPS, it will hide the lock, but it doesn't mean that our booking engine became an unsecured site to your guests.

How does mybookings calculate the number of people included in the rate?

Mybookings calculates the number of people included in the rate based on your accommodation setup on myfrontdesk.

  1. On myfrontdesk, click the gear icon (Manage)
  2. Under Property Details, select Accommodation Types
  3. Click the accommodation name to verify your setup
  1. Check the Maximum Occupancy and Adults or Children included in rate

Please, refer to this article for the detailed instructions on How to add extra person fees

Example: Let's say in the room configuration you include 2 adults and 2 children in the rate and Maximum Occupancy is set as 5

This setup means the guests will be able to book 2 adults + 2 children with no extra charge:

How can I configure the accommodation so that only 2 adults OR 2 children are included in the rate (not altogether)?

Follow steps:

  1. Leave the field Children included in rate (mybookings only) as 0:
  1. Hide the children column in mybookings using these instructions: Remove the Children Column
  2. And after this you may want to re-name the Adults column using this guide: Replace the text “Adults” to some other text


On mybookings, this is how it will look like:

  1. Only the column Guests will be displayed (instead of 2 columns: Adults and Children)
  2. And only 2 guests are included in the rate (can be adult or child)
[Demo] Mountain Resort & SPA - Kyiv, Ukraine - Best Price Guarantee - Google Chrome
Is it possible to replace mybookings with a different booking engine?

Currently, it is not possible to connect any other booking engine to Cloudbeds PMS. For more information, reach out to the Support Team.

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