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Cloudbeds Release Notes - Booking Engine Updates (October 2022)


We are advancing to a more sophisticated booking engine, with an updated appearance and functionality to increase conversions and improve the user experience!

In this release, we are introducing the latest Booking Engine updates.

Consider that these enhancements may impact your current Booking Engine customization. Reach out to our Support Team if you need any further assistance with your custom code.

2. Date-Picker New Design and Functionality on Mobile Devices


  • When clicking the date-picker, the calendar showed small size numbers and fonts by default.
  • There is no Date Picker on mobile, but the Availability Calendar link instead.


  • The Date Picker will have a new look with bigger fonts and fresh style. It will also drastically improve the mobile experience.
  • The Date Picker will replace the Availability Calendar link on mobile devices. The Availability Calendar link on desktop will be replaced by the new Interactive 6-Month Stationary Calendar.

New Date Picker in Desktop

New Date Picker on Mobile Devices

3. Availability Calendar (Stationary) Interactivity


  • When there is 0 availability, the stationary Availability Calendar is not interactive. Users can only see the unavailable dates and the applicable restrictions:


To improve the user experience and increase conversions, the stationary Availability Calendar will feature basic interactivity, where:

  • If shopper clicks on a date, it becomes the arrival date, and the next date clicked becomes the departure date.
  • Once the dates are selected on the Stationary Interactive Calendar,  dates will be auto generated into the search fields, which will then display available rooms.
  • Restrictions (minLOS, maxLOS, etc) will be displayed with a small dot on the corresponding dates. A small legend of Restrictions apply will appear in the lower part of the calendar.
  • Days that do not have availability should appear in a different color, and cannot be selected.

4. Hide Map Setting


  • A custom HTML/CSS code was needed to hide the property map in the Booking Engine:


  • Use the new Hide Map tool in the Booking Engine Settings, for not displaying your property map:

5. Improved Pop-Ups Design

  • Both Terms and Conditions and Secure Transaction pop-ups will have a new look and better appearance.
  • These pop-ups appear when users click on the Terms and Conditions of your property in the reservation process; and when clicking on the Learn More link of the Secure Online Payment section to confirm the reservation:



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