How to Add Rate Plans and Packages


On 'Rate Plans' page you can create special offers and packages for discounted daily rates or to upsell other services as a package. Packages can be created for any period, including availability on specific days of the week and minimum and maximum length of stay limitations. 

IMPORTANT:  Rate plans created in myfrontdesk will only appear for direct reservations created within the system and online reservations through your property's website (mybookings) and Facebook booking engines. Rate plans and packages are not shared or synced with any OTAs or distribution channels. In order to create rate plan for a channel, please, contact your Channel Account Manager.

1. Selecting rate plan type and adding description

1. Open your myfrontdesk account and go to 'Rate Plans & Packages' page
2. Click '+New Rate Plan'

3. Enter Rate Plan name (Public): Rate Plan name that will be displayed upon creating a new reservation and on the Internet Booking Engine.
4. Enter Rate Plan name (Private): this is internal Name for the package that will not be displayed upon creating reservations and on the Internet Booking Engine. This is used to name rate plans differently if they all have similar names (ie Breakfast Included - August, Breakfast Included - September, etc).
5. Is this a derived Rate Plan?

Derived Rate Plan

If you select 'Yes': derived rate plan is a percentage or amount higher or lower than the base rate (ie 10% higher than base rate, $15 lower than base rate). This is a perfect option in case you have fixed discount/price increasement for specific conditions of stay, for example, -10% for all stays which are longer than 5 nights.

When you create derived rate plan, the interval added on the same page below will be automatically filled out with the percentage/rate entered:

Non-derived rate plan

If you select 'No': non-derived rate plan means that you have to enter packages rates for each day of week within rate plan interval.

6. Promotion Code: If you would like this rate plan or package to show only when a promotion code is entered, select "Yes". This rate plan will only appear if the correct promotion code is entered.
7. If you enable promo code option and enter promocode, you'll be given a direct link to Mybookings page with promocode applied in advance
8. Select on which sources rate plan will be available
9. Select add-ons included to your package: select certain add-ons makes them be part of package rate. If room costs 100 per day with special offer and you add 'Breakfast' as add-on to the package, guest should pay 100 for both room and breakfast.

10. Inclusions: What does the package include? Ex. Breakfast, Shuttle, etc.
11. Policies: enter the package policies. Please note that it's responsibility of the system user and property's guest to follow the policies. Policies entered here can't be controlled by the system
12. Image: upload an image to promote your package

2. Managing Rate Plan availability

1. After entering basic information scroll down and click 'Add Interval'

2. Enter interval name
3. Select accommodations to which package will be applied
4. Select the date range for package
5. Select on which dates of week the package will be available
6. Enter restrictions for the package if needed (not mandatory)

Package Restrictions Overview
  • MinLos: Minimum Length of Stay. Reservations will be refused unless the traveler agrees to create a reservation for the minimum number of nights specified. For example, with MinLos = 2, package will be available only if guest stays no less than 2 nights.
  • MaxLos: Maximum Length of Stay. Reservations will be refused if the traveler attempts to create a reservation above the maximum number of nights specified. For example, with MaxLos = 5, package will be available only if guest stays no longer than 5 nights.
  • Cut-off: The package will only be available to guests when they book a reservation at least these many days from the arrival date. For example, with a, Early Booking Cutoff of 30, a guest would only be able to book this package if their arrival date is at least 30 days from today. If the arrival date is less than 30 days from today, this package rate will not appear.
  • Last Minute Booking: Last Minute Booking: this offer will become available for reservations made within this amount of days prior to guest arrival date. Also, guest departure date needs to be within the offer's date range.
  • Closed to Arrival: "Closed to Arrival" is used to prevent guests from arriving on specific dates within the range. This is particularly useful when combined with the other package restrictions. You may create different intervals to enable "Closed to Arrival".
  • Closed to Departure: "Closed to Departure" is used to prevent guests from departure on specific dates within the range. This is particularly useful when combined with the other package restrictions. You may create different intervals to enable "Closed to Departure".

7. Seleable Accommodations: Select how many accommodations of certain type you allow to sell with package pricing
8. Rate: If your plan is non-derived - enter the package rate for each days of week. If the rates are the same for each day of week - enter it once and click 'Apply' under 'Apply to all' column
9. Additional Guest Pricing: If you charge an additional fee for adults or children not included in the rate, you can indicate the price of each additional adult and child below.
Use the same as base rate: If this option is selected, the same price for each additional adult and/or child set on base rates will be applied.
-CustomIf selected, you can indicate a new price for each additional adult and/or child for this rate interval.
10. Click 'Add Interval' to save interval

You may add as many intervals as you wish by clicking 'Add Interval' (11) as well as edit or delete existing interval (12).

3. Saving, editing, deleting rate plan

After you have added an interval to your rate plan, click 'SAVE' blue button at the bottom of the screen

After that you will be redirected to 'Rate Plans' page, where you may
1. disable package
2. edit package
3. copy package
4. delete package

Creating new direct reservation with Rate Plan in myfrontdesk
  1. You can use rate plan filter which is added to Create New Reservation menu
  2. Promo code input field can help you to use discounts by entering promo code when creating a direct reservation.
  3. If booking was made with rate plan - this will be displayed on reservation details page under 'Rate Plan' section
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