How can I sell my rooms only with (promotional) rate plans and packages on mybookings?


This article will walk you through the steps needed to be done in order to have only (promotional) rate plans and packages displayed (without base rates) in your booking engine.

Please Note: The steps below will be available only if myfrontdesk (PMS) is the main source of your rates and availability.

If rates and availability for mybookings booking engine are controlled by myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds), the steps below will not work.

Step 1 - Rate Plans & Packages

1. Click Rates and Availability tab.

2. Select Rate Plans & Packages.

3. Click to edit the desired package.

If you do not have Rate Plans & Packages, refer to this article to check how to create them.

4. Make sure that your rate plan is available for mybookings (website).

5. Under Availability section, click to edit.

6. Check if intervals of the needed rate plan / package includes desired rooms.

7. Specify the number of rooms and price for each room type.

Saleable Accommodations: select the number of rooms you would like to assign to this package. Only the specified number of rooms will be allowed to be sold using this promotion, or Apply to all accommodations.

Step 2 - Mybookings Settings

1. Click Manage (gear icon).
2. Go to Mybookings Settings.
3. Set rooms you want to sell with special rates only to 0.
4. Click Save.

In this way, our system will not update mybookings with base rates for specific room types.

When you go to mybookings and try to make a reservation, you will see that the required rooms are shown only with special prices - Base Rates will not be displayed.

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