Base Rates and Availability Matrix - How to Add or Edit MinLOS and MaxLOS Restrictions for your Base Rates

Depending on your business, a minimum or maximum length of stay restriction (MinLOS and MaxLOS) could be required for reservations.

This article explains how to add and edit the MinLOS and MaxLOS restrictions for your Base Rates.

Add or Edit MinLOS and MaxLOS to your Base Rates

Things to know:

  • The restrictions applied with this guide will apply on Cloudbeds PMS when adding direct bookings.
  • Reservations will be refused unless the guest agrees to create a reservation for the requested MinLOS or MaxLOS.
  • Each channel works differently, so these restrictions may not be applied to certain channels. To apply these restrictions to your connected channels, check this article to confirm if the channel accepts this restriction or not. Reach out to our Support Team if you need help or if you do not find your channel on this list.
Option 1 - Availability Matrix

The Availability Matrix allows you to visually update availability and restrictions for a single day or, by adding an entire date range. To add MinLOS or MaxLOS restrictions to your Base Rates, follow the steps below:

Edit one day at a time

  1. Go to the Availability Matrix
  2. Click on the accommodation(s)/date and enter the number of nights for the restriction. The updated dates will be highlighted to show the changes that will be saved.
  3. Click Save

Make sure that the MinLOS and MaxLOS Restrictions options are selected in the Display Options, otherwise, these will not appear in your Availability Matrix.

Add Long Term Intervals

  1. Click on +Long Term Interval
  2. Select the accommodation(s) to apply the restriction(s) to
  3. Select dates
  4. Select days of the week, if applicable for only some days during the selected dates
  5. In the Interval Settings menu, select MinLOS/MaxLOS or both options, if needed
  6. Add the minimum/maximum nights for the restriction
  7. Click Add Interval
  8. Save
Option 2 - Base Rates

Update the MinLOS and MaxLOS restrictions by editing the existing intervals in your Base Rates page:

  1. Go to the Base Rates setting
  2. Click to edit the corresponding Base Rate
  3. Enter the desired MinLOS/MaxLOS (minimum/maximum number of nights that will be required)
  4. Click on Save interval
  5. On the Date Ranges, Rates and Restrictions page, click Save

To apply these restrictions for your Rate Plans and Packages, see:  How to Set Up Rate Plans and Packages

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