Connect Priceline/Agoda to Cloudbeds PMS

Priceline/Agoda is one of the world’s fastest-growing online travel booking platforms. From its beginnings as an e-commerce start-up based in Singapore in 2005, Priceline/Agoda has grown to offer a global network of 2 million properties in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. It provides travelers with easy access to a wide choice of luxury and budget hotels, apartments, homes, and villas to suit all budgets and travel occasions.

Check out our Priceline/Agoda FAQ for more info before getting started.

Connect Priceline/Agoda to Cloudbeds PMS

Step 1 - Getting Started
  1. Go to the Distribution page
  2. Open the Discover tab and search for Priceline/Agoda
  3. Click to View channel
  1. If you have an account with Priceline/Agoda: Click to Enable channel and proceed with step 2.
  2. If you do not have an account with Priceline/Agoda: Click to Create new account You will be taken to Agoda's extranet for property configuration. Once ready, proceed with step 2.
Step 2 - Request channel connection activation

2.1 - Enable the channel manager mode in Agoda:

  1. Go to the Property page in  Agoda YCS extranet
  2. Open the Property Settings
  3. Click to enable the Channel Manager mode box to add your preferred channel manager
  4. Select the Myallocator (Cloudbeds)
  5. Save

2.2 Request the connection to Agoda in Cloudbeds PMS

In the Distribution page, open the Agoda channel to start enabling it with the next steps:

  1. Enter your Hotel ID
  2. Click to request activation
  1. The channel status will change to Awaiting Activation while Priceline/Agoda processes this request. It may take a few days.
  2. When Priceline/Agoda confirms the connection, they will email Cloudbeds support team with the required information and we will enable the connection for you.
  3. You will be notified via email when the connection has been enabled, and your rooms are ready for mapping in Cloudbeds PMS. Proceed with step 3.
Step 3 - Complete mapping for Priceline/Agoda in Cloudbeds PMS

In the Distribution page,

  1. Open the Channels tab and search for Priceline/Agoda under My channels list
  2. Click to complete mapping
  1. Map the Priceline/Agoda rooms from the drop-down that correspond to Cloudbeds PMS rooms.

For detailed information about the mapping process, check this article: Distribution Channel Mapping Guidelines.

  1. Map your rate plan(s) between Cloudbeds PMS and Priceline/Agoda
  • You must map at least one rate plan per Channel Accommodation Type to ensure proper rate sync.
  • You can create multiple rate plans for each room type and have those sync to Priceline/Agoda. Click here to check further information.
  1. Add a Base Rate Adjustment for each room type, if needed. - If you want to skip this step, leave it at zero.

Click here to learn more about the Base Rate Adjustment.

This channel requires you to select an option for Extra Settings:

The option you select on this page must match what is set in your Priceline/Agoda extranet.

  1. Currency - The currency selected must always match your default currency of your Priceline/Agoda Extranet.
  2. Extra-Bed Rate setting - There are three options for the Extra-Bed price - the option you choose must match what is specified in your Priceline/Agoda extranet.
    1. Same as Room Rate
    2. Do not set extra bed rate
    3. Extra bed rate set below
  3. Click to save

The mapping is complete.

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