Google Hotel Search - All you need to know


With Google's announcement on March 9th that they have released their Free Booking links in Google Hotel Search, Cloudbeds is excited to release this functionality in phases to all of our properties that qualify to have their rates listed with Google Free Booking Links.

To learn more about the release schedule and requirements for Google Hotel Search, please check further details below.

If you would like to opt-out of this service, please email our support team and one of our Customer Coaches will confirm once complete.

Google also allows properties to bid for preferential placement in Google Hotel Search through Google Hotel Ads. If you would like to check further details, check the following article: Is Cloudbeds going to integrate with Google Hotel Ads?

Release Plan

The schedule below will be utilized for releasing Google Hotel Search to qualifying properties:

  • March 9th: General Announcement
  • March 9th through 16th: Opt-out window
  • March 16th onward: activation phase of Google Hotel Search free listing. The activation process will occur weekly

The properties included in each weekly batch will be determined by Cloudbeds so that we can ensure a smooth and successful rollout. You will receive an in-app announcement once your property is live on Google Hotel Search.


Check the benefits that you will have with this real-time integration:

  • Your property rates and availability are displayed, always accurate and directly bookable on Google
  • Boosts the power of your commission-free Cloudbeds Booking Engine and empowers you to maximize your revenue
  • Converts future guests at an earlier point in their purchasing journey
  • Drives direct bookings by reaching guests when they first search
  • You own the guest details and communications


To be eligible for Google Hotel Search a property must comply with all Google limitations concerning rate plans, taxes and fees. In addition, the technical requirements to synchronize your rate plans are not deliverable to Google by all Cloudbeds subscription plans, you may need to upgrade in order to access this feature.

In order to qualify for Google’s Hotel Search, your property must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must have a Google My Business listing that is matched with the information loaded into Cloudbeds (Property Name, Address, Phone and Website)
  2. You must use Cloudbeds Booking Engine
  3. Properties with Rate Based taxes activated for booking engine are restricted from using Google connection due to price accuracy issues
  4. Vacation Rentals - at the moment, this type of business is not eligible for a Google My Business Profile. Click here for further details from Google support.
  5. Properties that are using the setting Allow guests to book specific accommodations on mybookings are not eligible for Google Hotel Search connection.

Check the following knowledge base article to learn more about Google Hotel Search Restrictions

How does it work?

Your property will be displayed in the free booking links, and if a reservation occurs, you will simply see a reservation with source 'Website-Google' on your Cloudbeds account.

Please check the following article to learn what is the difference between Google Ads, Free Booking Links, Google My Business, Google Hotel Ads.

Getting Started

Check if your property is live on Google Hotel Search

You will receive an in-app announcement once your property is live on Google Hotel Search, and you can also check this information by following the steps below:

  1. Access Channels tab under Channel Distribution section
  2. Check if you have the following banner

Cloudbeds Account Details

If your Cloudbeds information is different from your Google My Business profile, this could cause your property not to match and will prevent us from establishing your connection with Google Hotel Search.

We highly recommend you to confirm the following details on your Cloudbeds account:

Property Profile

Access the Property Profile tab and make sure that the following information are correct: Property Name, Phone, website, Address, City, and Zip Code.

Reservation Sources / Taxes & Fees

Access the Reservation Sources tab under Property Configuration section and check if you have applied all the necessary taxes & fees to the Website/Booking Engine reservation source.

Your Google My Business Profile

Please check the following article to learn more about your Google My Business Profile

Google takes up 2 weeks to match a property.

After this period, we encourage you to confirm that your property is up and running by searching it on Google. If you can not see your property booking link in Hotel Search after you become live, please reach out to our support team.

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