Google Hotel Search - Information about Restrictions


Cloudbeds will send your property's rates, availability and inventory from the Booking Engine to Google. This article describes the restrictions in Google Hotel Search connection.

Extra Guest Pricing (Occupancy Based Price)

  1. Not supported by Google, so Cloudbeds will not send to them.
  2. Cloudbeds does not send info on extra guest pricing beyond the guests that are already included in the rate.
  3. Your property can be included in Google Hotel Search service, but if the extra guest pricing is causing price accuracy issues, it could be a cause for property disablement from Google Hotel Search.
  4. When a guest is redirected to the Cloudbeds Booking Engine from Google, they will be able to manually add the extra guest pricing in order to update the reservation pricing.

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Mybookings Settings

Properties that are using the setting Allow guests to book specific accommodations on mybookings are not eligible for Google Hotel Search connection.

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Allow Overbookings Option

We highly recommend you to keep the Allow Overbooking feature disabled on your Availability Matrix page.

The inventory will be sent to Google, however, upon redirect, the page will load a rate plan that has no availability and it can cause price accuracy issues.

DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Availability Matrix - Google Chrome

Dorm Room Price

When using the Google Hotel Search, Google will search for "1 room, 2 adults" by default.

If the lowest rate at your property belongs to a dorm room, it will not be displayed in the direct booking link because Google classes a dorm bed as a 'room' with an occupancy of 1, it will show the lowest rate of a private room with occupancy of 2 adults instead.

The lowest rate (dorm room) will become available when you enter 1 adult in the search.

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