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Overbookings features in Cloudbeds


In most cases a property would want to stop selling rooms if they are at 100% occupancy, but there are some cases where a property would like to allow additional bookings. This is applicable when the property is at least at 100% occupancy, where one of the room types is already overbooked, but another still has availability.

There are two overbooking options in myfrontdesk:

- Allow additional bookings when property is at full occupancy in General System Settings
- Allow Overbookings (Not Recommended For Most Properties) on Availability Matrix

This article will walk you through the difference between these two options. We will show how having them on or off affects the system behavior.

1. General System Settings - Allow additional bookings when property is at full occupancy
1.1 If this feature is OFF

If there is over 100% occupancy - overbooking in a particular room type - Double Room (1), but there is still availability in other rooms Single room (2), Mixed dorm (3) the following will happen:

a) The calendar will show real numbers (remaining inventory and overbookings)

b) Cloudbeds will send "0" for ALL ROOM TYPES to myallocator Channel Manager and all connected channels.

c) It will be impossible to make a booking via mybookings or on the calendar (even though the other room types(2), (3) will show availability)

Please note that it is true for all Reservation Sources apart from Third Party Sources - this option always allows  overbookings to be created

1.2 If this feature is ON

a) The rooms that still have availability - in our example Single room (2) and Mixed room (3) - will still be sold on the connected channels and in mybookings

b) It will be possible to create new reservations via Create New Reservation on the Calendar

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