Mybookings Settings Overview


Some of the features require Cloudbeds Plus plan or higher/equivalent

Mybookings is our commission-free booking engine for your website and Facebook page. On mybookings Settings page, you may control many of the booking engine's features like Accommodation Allotment, same-day booking settings, mandatory fields to be filled by guests, language preferences or insert a redirect URL.

Mybookings Settings Overview

Please note that the options set on this page will be applied only for your mybookings account and won't be sent to OTAs

2. Option to book specific accommodations

With option 'Allow guests to book specific accommodations on mybookings' you may sell individual rooms within the selected room type:

You may customize the name, description, and images for each individual room on 'Accommodation Types' page by choosing the room type and scrolling down to '(Optional) Accommodation naming and Organization' section.
Check the following article: How to sell individual accommodations on mybookings for more details.

3. Opt-in to marketing content (*only if GDPR is enabled)

Click here to learn how to enable GDPR

And the article Marketing Opt-In (for properties with GDPR enabled) will help you to know more about this feature.

Allows you to configure if you want the marketing opt-in/opt-out option to display on the booking engine.

  • If 'No' is selected - the guests won't be able to opt-in to your marketing emails* during the booking process on mybookings.
  • If 'Yes' is selected - the guest will be able to decide whether to opt-in to marketing emails* from your property.

* Email templates where the type is set to 'marketing' on 'Email Templates' settings page.

If “Yes” is selected, you can type additional content that explains what this marketing might include. You will be able to specify the text in each language supported by the booking engine. Please provide clear, concise text that indicates a guest is opting out of any marketing related emails.

See example below (Note see numbers in the first screenshot "MYFRONTDESK" and where they relate to 2nd screenshot "MYBOOKINGS(BOOKING ENGINE)"):

  • If the guests opts-in to additional marketing then the property can schedule marketing-related emails.
  • Both guest and property can opt-out the guest, but only the guest can opt-in to marketing content
  • When GDPR is enabled for the first time, all emails will be set to non-marketing type, but it can be changed by the user
4. Additional fields for guests

Enabling these settings will make certain fields mandatory for your guests to fill in when they book through mybookings

  • Ask for a postal address
  • Ask for nationality
  • Ask for gender (Guests will be prompted to provide their gender when booking. At this time, there will be the options of male or female).
    Please note: even if you have shared room (dorm) for specific gender (female dorm, male dorm), the system will still allow you to select any gender in mybookings and book the dorm.
  • Ask for Personal Tax ID Number
  • Ask for Company Name
  • Ask for Company Tax ID Name
  • Require telephone number to book
  • Ask for estimated arrival time (when enabled you can choose the time format)
  • Require acceptance of terms and conditions

Tip: you may edit your terms and conditions on the Policies page.

5. Confirmation email setting

Option to send the customer an automatic confirmation allows you to send the reservation confirmation to the guest right after he completes the booking form.

Tip: You may edit your confirmation email template on Email Templates page.

6. Redirect URL

If 'Redirect on confirmation page' is selected, the guest will be redirected to the provided URL once the booking is completed. You may also enter after how many seconds the redirect will be initiated.  Please note this will not redirect to a Facebook URL.

7. Allotment (Set a smaller quantity of accommodations than available)

When enabled you may choose how many rooms you would like to sell on mybookings so you may limit the number of rooms sold on your booking engine.

If you select this option for the first time, the "Quantity to Sell" fields will be populated with the number of rooms you have for the room type

With Quantity to Sell set to 0, you will block a room type from being sold on mybookings (Example: on the screenshot below 'Twin Room' won't be bookable on mybookings)

For example, we can see that total available number of Mixed Dorm is 5, but the quantity to sell is set to 3, it means, that there won't be any availability shown on mybookings after 3 Mixed Dorm rooms are sold.

This option does not close the sale of the accommodation type for other sources, only for mybookings. To limit the number of rooms to sell on OTA - please go to Availability Matrix and reduce the 'Amount Allotted for Sale'.

8. Limit number of accommodations of the same type that guests can book for a single reservation

Here you may set the number of rooms  which a person can book  within one reservation

9. Credit Card CVV Settings

Select whether to ask your guests for CVV code when entering credit card information (credit card payments only)

We strongly recommend that properties connected to Cloudbeds Payments in Canada and Europe have this option selected. These countries have more strict fraud detection rules and having the CVV settings as 'optional' could result in a transaction being rejected.

10. Language Settings

Select which languages you would like to appear on your booking engine for guests to choose from.

The languages selected will appear on the top right corner of mybookings screen for your guests. The number of languages is constantly updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does mybookings comply with Accessibility Standards?

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defines requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. It defines three levels of conformance: Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA.

We have tested our booking engine to ensure that we meet or exceed Level AA checkpoints of the WCAG 2.1 Standard.

To learn more, please visit Cloudbeds Accessibility Policy.

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