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On 'Email Templates' page you may create and customize the email templates that you can later use to send to guests.
You can schedule these emails to be sent by the system based on a certain criteria from the "Email Scheduling" page.

Create email templates

In order to create an email template you need to :

1) click Manage (gear icon)

2) go to Email Templates under Email Configuration section


On the same page you may also

  1. Enable/disable the email template
  2. Edit existing template
  3. Send test email to check the template
  4. Delete template
Edit email template

Previously you needed to go to General System Settings to choose from which email address the system will send emails to your guests. With a new release (August 2017) this option has been moved to Email Templates.

Now each email template can be sent from a different email address.

You may customize the email template by editing the following settings:

1. Template Name: Specify the name for the template here. This is used for you to determine what the template is for. It will not be visible anywhere publicly.

2. Selecting template language: you may select the language from the drop down menu given and enter text so that the guests from specific countries will receive text in corresponding language.  

You can also choose to auto fill all languages.

1. The autofill option will fill all languages with text that you added to English template. The autofill option works only with English template.

2. If you need to edit or add some text to the particular template after all languages were autofilled you should uncheck the autofill option and edit the needed template.

3. When you enable autofill option again all languages will be autofilled with the information you have in English template.

3. Send From: Email address from which the email will be sent

4. Reply-to: Email address that will be populated in the "To" field when the "Reply" button is clicked on the email

5. CC List: List of all email addresses you want to CC. Separate each email address by a comma

6. BCC List: List of all email addresses you want to BCC. Separate each email address by a comma

Please note: CC and BCC can't be identical

7. Subject: Text that will appear as the subject of the email. To add dynamic content such as the name of the guest or phone number, use the "Insert Merge Tag" picklist.

8. Attachments: Upload any attachments you would like to be included whenever this email template is sent.

9.  Design Style: select a template to apply a certain style to your email

10. Editing and customizing email template has the new interface. Here you may add text with customize text, upload header, footer and merge tags (to learn more please check the section below).

NOTE: Old email templates from previous myfrontdesk version will be merged over in the new interface.

Sending a test email

If you want to check how certain email template will be displayed for your guests, you may use 'Send Test' option.
1. Next to your email template click gear icon, then select 'Send Test'.

2. Enter the email where the message will be sent to.

If email template contains merge tags they won't  display actual property and reservation data on the test email.

Using and Understanding Merge Tags

Any section within brackets (i.e. [hotel name]) is known as a merge tag. Merge tags are dynamically populated shortcuts...Don't worry about the complicated definition. What you need to know is that we have created merge tags to make your life easier. Here is how they work:

Let's say you want to have your company's name show up within an email template, you could write it all out each time you wanted it to be shown or you could use the merge tag [hotel name]. When your guest views the email your full hotel name will show up anywhere you've used that merge tag. We also have merge tags that will automatically add confirmation numbers, cancellation numbers, and more. For a full list of available merge tags can be found here.

NOTE: We recommend that you do not change the default merge tags but feel free to add new one's for your property's needs.

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