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Cloudbeds Websites are professionally built websites that are fully integrated with the Cloudbeds booking engine, channel manager and PMS.

You can showcase your property’s rooms and amenities, provide multiple rate plans, upsell add-ons and track engagement.

We have a growing library of website designs, and our team of website designers will build your website from your choice of template. With Cloudbeds Websites, we make it easy for potential guests to navigate through the website, find the information they need, and conveniently book.  You will also be able to incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to boost your visibility in the web.

We are onboarding customers in all regions, but currently, our Websites Designers team can only support English communication.

Some of the Key Highlights included on Cloudbeds Websites are the following:

  • Unique website designs: Choose from professionally made, modern templates designed for the hotel industry. 
  • Safe and secure: Stay safe with an SSL certificate that allows your website visitors to feel confident that their information is secure
  • Integrated with Cloudbeds: configurable Cloudbeds booking engine widgets and for a seamless direct booking experience 
  • Fully Responsive: Delivers an excellent customer experience on every device - mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • SEO friendly: Easily follow SEO best practices to make sure customers find you on Google
  • Analytics: Track your site's success and make data-driven decisions to improve your marketing strategies with our built-in analytics dashboard.
  • Advertise: Install Google and Facebook tracking pixels to more effectively market your property.

If you are interested in getting your own Cloudbeds Website, please reach visit

Cloudbeds Websites Onboarding

6 steps to your new website

Our team customizes each step to meet your property’s unique needs. Enjoy your commission-free distribution channel in as little as 4 weeks

  1. Website Design: Visit to get in contact with us and start choosing your website model from our diverse library. Explore our several designs and choose your favorite. All colors, fonts, and images are fully configurable. You can add and remove pages to meet your property’s unique needs. 
  2. Kick-Off Call: Confirm your details. We’ll schedule a kickoff call to confirm the details such as styling, colors, structure, and domain. Our team will prepare the overall website structure and you will organize the necessary content for each page. 
  3. Submit your content: Submit images and descriptions. While we’re building your website’s structure, we will provide tools to share your property information and submit all visual and textual content. We can also sync the property information and accommodation details to your Cloudbeds account if you’ve already uploaded them. 
  4. Review: Provide feedback to your website designer. Once your site structure is complete and we upload your content, we’ll set up a user account to access the platform so that you can review the website and leave comments. 
  5. Revision: After you provide feedback, your designer will make the necessary adjustments. Once complete, you’ll approve the final website and we will schedule your go-live date. 
  6. Go live: Publish your website. Once your designer completes the final revisions, we will publish, then host your website. You’re now ready to stand out online with a professional website that showcases your unique property, is available year-round and is working for you to increase revenue. 

Editing your site:  Once your site has gone live, you will have full access to the user interface that lets you update written and photo content and even manage your blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

To check Cloudbeds Websites' FAQ, please visit this article.

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