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The payment gateway is a premium subscription feature. Setting up a payment gateway is completely optional. You can always accept payments locally offline and track them using payments in the folio.

If you already have an account with one of the supported payment processors you will be able to connect directly to myfrontdesk's payment gateway. If you do not, you will need to contact one of the supported payment processors and sign up for an account.

To access this option use the settings icon - profile - payment options - click on active and the drop down will show you more information. If you do not want to use this feature, make sure it is not enabled.

How does this feature work and how do I use it?

Great question! For a non-technical explanation: Our system basically provides a secure desk at your property for your payment processing company to work from. Check out our Payment Processing Setup for more details.

Where does the money go after a payment is received?

This depends on the payment processing company you have signed up with. It is most often deposited into the bank account you have linked with your payment processor. For help regarding this, please make sure to contact your payment gateway provider's support team.

My payment processor is not listed, can you add it?

Ensuring the financial security of our customers is a huge priority for us as a company. Our payment gateway feature uses a third-party encryption system to ensure complete payment card industry (PCI) compliance.

Because of this, we do not directly develop or partner with payment processors. If your desired Payment Gateway is not listed, we can forward your desired gateway option to our partner's development team.

Please keep in mind - we are not able to guarantee they will add your payment gateway of choice since they select the next gateway to integrate with based on the highest number of customer requests from all of their clients.  

Please submit your payment gateway requests to

We highly recommend switching to one of the many gateways we already support.

If you do send a request, please include the following info:

  1. Payment Gateway Name:
  2. Gateway Website:
  3. Gateway Contact:


I can't find a payment processor that supports my country!

Some countries are unfortunately not supported by most large payment processing companies. One way around this is to have both a bank and payment gateway account based in a supported country, such as the U.S. Please refer to our article on the topic for further recommendations.


How do I set up my payment processor, ________?

You can find the answers to most of these by contacting your payment gateway's support team. With that said, here are the links to some of the most commonly requested guides:


I've setup my payment gateway, how do I test that it's working?

While many payment gateways do have a test feature, it's often easier to just try running a small transaction on a live account to make sure it appears in your transaction history. You can then refund the payment to also confirm that is working.


Can I use the payment gateway to partially refund an amount?

For a payment processor to issue a refund, there needs to be an existing transaction id. The amount attached to this transaction ID is already set and cannot be changed. Because of this we can only refund an existing transaction and cannot simply enter a credit card # to refund any amount.

Before a payment gateway is connected, myfrontdesk's refund feature does have the option to refund various amounts since it is just being used for internal record keeping and does not "dial out" to other systems.


How long does it take a refund to process?

We send the refund request immediately, but sometimes it can take a few days to process depending on the payment processor and bank being used and their transaction policies. This isn't something we can change as it has to do with those companies internal operating practices.  

I've received a chargeback, payment dispute, or fraud report. Who do I contact?

Issues involving payment disputes, chargebacks, or fraud reports need to be handled directly by your payment processing company and the guest's credit card provider.

Our system is not actually involved in charging or refunding cards since those transactions are handled entirely by your payment processor. Cloudbeds cannot facilitate any arbitration between those two parties.

How do I use a payment processor to take deposits through mybookings, but upon arrival collect the remaining balance with a physical credit card machine?

  • Click on "reservations" and then the reservation you would like to add payment to.
  • Go to the "folio" tab and click on the green "add payment" button
  • Under payment type, choose credit card.
  • Fill out the information
  • Click "continue" and select "record existing payment"

When adding a walk-in, do not select the "authorize card" or "process payment" options as these tell the system to use your payment processor. You will just select "confirm reservation".


What fees are charged by Paypal?

  • Info here:
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