How to Process Refund Through Payment Gateway


Processing refunds (for transactions made through the payment gateway in myfrontdesk) will send the refunded amount to the previously charged guest's card. This tutorial will walk you through the options on how to refund a payment made.

For instructions on refunding other payment types or payments which were not added through the payment gateway, refer to this article.

Important: To refund a transaction/payment using your payment gateway, make sure you have the payment gateway enabled in our system and the transaction which needs to be refunded was made inside your myfrontdesk account.

If you are using Cloudbeds Payments, please check the following article: Cloudbeds Payments - How to Process Refunds

How To Process a Refund

In order to process a refund in myfrontdesk, access the desired reservation and follow the steps below:

  1. Access Folio tab
  2. Click on the gear icon next to the transaction made through the gateway in myfrontdesk
  3. Click Refund transaction
  4. Enter the amount to be refunded (by default it will be the full amount of charge), but you can change it if you are processing a partial refund
  5. Click Process Refund

You can allocate the refund to a specific revenue item if you have this functionality enabled.

Learn more about payment and refund allocation in the following Knowledge Base article: Payment Allocation

Clicking Refund Transaction for real charges (payments processed through the gateway) will delete the transaction from the Folio and refund the guest as well.

You can also refund the transaction by following the steps below

  1. Click Add/Refund Payment and select Refund Payment
  1. Select the credit card which has been previously charged
  2. Select the guest to which the refund will be assigned to
  3. Select the desired folio
  4. Select Refund Payment Gateway Transaction
    • If you select a credit card which was already charged, this option will be selected by default

Selecting Capture/Note existing refund DOES NOT process refund to the guest's card through the payment gateway and the refund will be added only as a record to the guest's folio.

  1. Select the transaction to refund (if there were several charges on one card).
  2. Enter the amount to be refunded
    • If you are processing a partial refund, note that not all payment gateways support partial refunds.
    • Refunding a greater amount than charged is not possible
  3. Post with current date and time: When this box is checked the current date and time will be posted for the transaction. You can uncheck if adding a transaction for some time in the past.

Post with current date and time is a feature that indicates payment or refunds getting added that should be time-stamped for the current time. If a user is marking a payment for some time in the past, it is possible to uncheck the Smart Date box and choose a date in the past.

Please Note:

  • The date of a processed refund can only be the current date and can't be set to the past or future even if the Smart Date option is off (Smart Date puts a date of the transaction as today, but disabling it doesn't mean you can process the refund for a future or past date).
  • This functionality does not work with cash payments.
  1. Enter the notes if needed
  2. Click Add refund

If you have any questions about Refunds, please visit the following article: Payment Gateway Refunds - Frequently Asked Questions

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