Payment Gateway Refunds - Frequently Asked Questions

This article clarifies the most frequently asked questions about refunds. To process refunds through your payment processing, check the following article: How to Process Refund Through Payment Gateway

If you are using Cloudbeds Payments, refer to the following article: Cloudbeds Payments - Refunds - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have refunded the guest in Cloudbeds PMS but he claims that he did not receive the refund
  1. Make sure the refund was actually processed, not recorded as a note — check section Where to check if the refund was added as a note or actually processed?
  2. For some gateways it takes 1 day or more to process the refund — contact your payment gateway for more information.
  3. If you have followed the instructions and your guest still hasn't received the refund, contact our Support team mentioning the reservation ID or the guest name.
Where to check if the refund was recorded as a note or actually processed?

At the moment, the only way to check if the refund was processed through gateway or not is to check Credit Card logs:

  1. Access the reservation and click Credit Card tab.
  2. Select credit card which was previously charged.
  3. Click Logs.
  4. Check if there is a transaction type called Refund as shown below. The entry in the credit card log called Refund means that the refund has been processed through the gateway in Cloudbeds PMS.

You can also see the amount refunded through gateway on Details tab.

How long does it take for refund to be sent to the guest?

A number of payment companies require a business day between a charge being made and a refund request. 

How long it takes to process the refund to the charged card depends on the gateway. Many credit card companies and banks do not run/post transactions or refunds over the weekend and holidays. This isn't something our system is able to change since it's dependent on your payment processor, the customer's credit card company, and both yours and the customer's banks.

Contact your gateway support for further details.

Can I process a partial refund?

It's possible to make a partial refund which is less than the previously processed amount. Most gateways support refunding partial amounts through our system, however, a small number of gateways may not allow this feature.

This is because some gateways only identify a transaction's ID and not the amount charged. Contact your gateway support for more details.

If your payment gateway supports the partial refund, you can follow the steps of this article and edit the amount when processing the refund: How to Process Refund Through Payment Gateway

Is it possible to delete a refund record from the folio?

No, refund records can't be deleted from the guest's folio. If the refund was added either as a note or actually processed to the folio by mistake, to correct the guest's balance you need to add payment (as a note or actually process it depending on the case) by clicking Add Payment.

If I have a payment gateway connected and I cancel the reservation in Cloudbeds PMS, will it be automatically refunded?

No, the act of canceling a reservation doesn't affect anything on posted transactions in the folio. Meaning that the posted transactions will remain there. If you want to make a refund, you will need to do it manually by following the steps here: How to Process Refund Through Payment Gateway

Why can I only see Void Transaction and not Refund Transaction when I click on the gear icon?

If after clicking the gear icon next, the system only offers the option to Void Transaction (as shown below), it means that the payment was not made through the gateway and was recorded as a note (the guest wasn't actually charged so there is nothing to refund).

Clicking Void Transaction for payments added as a note will delete the transaction from the Folio and update the balance due but it will not refund the guest.

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