How to add a payment to a reservation on Cloudbeds PMS

On Cloudbeds PMS there are two ways you can add a payment to a reservation: with or without using the Payment Processing feature. This article explains both options.

1. Processing real payments through payment processor (gateway)

When you have the Payment Processing feature enabled and correctly connected to Cloudbeds PMS, you can process (charge) your guest's credit card inside the reservation and the folio balance will be automatically updated. The payment processor can verify, accept or decline credit card transactions.

2. Adding a payment to reservation as a record (without using payment processor)

If you do not have a Payment Processing feature, you can charge your guest's credit card through an external system (POS, terminal, online banking) and post the payment as a record to the folio. As well as to post any payment made using other methods such as bank transfer, cash, check, third-party payment, etc. This will help track the guest's balance and keep the reporting accurate.

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