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How to Add / Post Payment to Reservation as a Record (Without Using Payment Gateway Processing)


This article will walk  you through the process of adding payment to a reservation as a record (without charging the credit card). This helps to track the guest's balance and keep reporting accurate.

Important: The steps described below do not process any payment from the guest's credit card.

To charge the credit card added to the reservation you would need a payment gateway connected to myfrontdesk. Learn more about processing real payments through payment gateway in our article Payment Processing Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

Or alternatively, you can charge the credit card through an external system (POS, terminal, online banking).

How to add/post payment to reservation

1. Go to Reservation and click 'Folio'
2. Open the folio that you want to add a payment record
3. Click 'Add Payment/Refund' and select 'Add Payment' button

In the new window enter the payment details:

4. Assign to: Choose the guest to assign the payment, can be used for when there are multiple guests in a reservation.

5. Select folio: Select to which folio the payment will be added.

6. Amount: By default the amount of payment will be pre-filled with the balance due, you may click it to edit - if the amount entered is higher than the balance due , a notification will pop up to ask you to confirm the action.

7. Payment type: Select the type of payment (cash, credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, or any custom payment types methods)

8. Post with current date and time: By default the box is checked to post the transaction with the current date and time.  Unchecking the box will allow you to choose a date in the past or future to post the transaction.

  • If a date in the future is selected - the transaction will appear in the folio as pending.
  • Cash payments will always be posted with the current date.

9. Enter and store credit card details: This option is only displayed if credit card is selected previously as the payment type. If selected, you will be able to enter the credit card details which will be stored in the reservation 'Credit Cards' tab.

To view the stored credit card details see this article: Viewing Credit Card Details: All You Need To Know

10. Credit card type: Select the type of the credit card. This option is only displayed if credit card is selected previously as the payment type.

11. Notes: Enter any notes if necessary

12. Allocate Payment: If you have this functionality enabled, this option will be checked by default for you to allocate the payment to the specific revenue item.

Learn more about payment allocation in our Knowledge Base: Payment Allocation

13. Continue: Click to add the payment

How the payment is displayed on the folio

If you have chosen the current or past date when posting the payment, you will see the transaction as posted in the selected folio:

If you have selected a future date for the payment, the payment will be pending to be posted in the folio:

1) The amount paid will only be credited on the future date selected and the balance due will then be updated
2) To see the payment, include Pending in the filter Transactions
3) You will see the payment in grey which means pending
4) The Total in the folio will include the pending payment

Frequently Asked Questions

I have added the guest's payment through myfrontdesk but haven't received it. Why?

In myfrontdesk a payment can be added in 2 ways:

  • As a record (the payment will be recorded as a note in the folio, the system does not charge the guest's card)
  • As a real charge (myfrontdesk processes the payment through the connected payment gateway)

The process described in this article does not process the payment, but adds a record of the payment to the folio. Click here to learn more about processing real payments through payment gateway.

If I do not have payment gateway connected to myfrontdesk, how may I collect the payment?

You would need to charge the guest credit card through an external system (POS, terminal, online banking). If you have stored the credit card details when adding a payment as a record, you may use them to process the payment through the external system.

Is it possible to edit the added payment?

No, if the payment was added by mistake or with incorrect details, you may see the solution below.

Payment was added less than 24 hours ago


Cancel the payment by clicking the 'gear' icon next to the transaction and click 'Void transaction' and then, add a new payment.

Payment was added more than 24 hours ago
  1. Cash payment: Cannot be voided after 24 hours. You can add a refund of the amount added instead and post a new payment with the correct details. Learn how to add refund
  1. Other payment types: Click the 'gear' icon next to the transaction, to void the payment and add a new payment. (Users must be granted with permission to Void Payments After 24 Hours)
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