Cash Drawer - How to Create and Manage


In this article you can find all the details about the Cash Drawer feature and how to use it by multiple users.

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  • Cash Drawer is only used for payments in cash
  • Operations with credit cards and other payment methods will not be included in your cash drawer

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Create a Cash Drawer

  1. Click on the crash drawer icon in the top right corner on your dashboard
  2. Select Create/Modify Cash Drawers
  1. Click on + Cash Drawer
  2. Add the drawer name
  3. Add the Starting balance - the amount of cash in the cash drawer at the beginning of the shift
  4. Click on Save Cash Drawer

Access and Manage your Open Drawers

Once you open a cash drawer, you can have more control of your cash transactions.

In order to manage and check the cash transactions:

  1. Select Access Open Drawers

On this page, you can:

  1. Select the desired cash drawer
  2. Check the summary for the selected drawer
  1. Filter transactions by account#, Reservation#, Room#, and name. You can also group them by date, room, guest name, and reservation #
  2. Add or remove cash - once you chose from either of these two options, you will be able to add the cash amount that you are adding or withdrawing and also leave a note to this action. It will not be connected to any reservation
  3. You can check the cash drawer transactions and their total

If you are using the Multi-Currency feature, you will be able add or remove cash in foreign currencies. Click on the following article to learn more: Multi-Currency - How does it work with Cash Drawer?

Modify or Deactivate Cash Drawers

In order to modify or deactivate a cash drawer, click on Create/Modify Cash Drawers

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On this page, you can:

  1. Edit the open cash drawer
  2. Delete a cash drawer
  3. Activate/deactivate existing cash drawers by switching the toggle

Click on the following article to learn: How to Close a Cash Drawer

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cash Drawer work for Multiple Users?

The Cash Drawer mirrors the actual cash drawers at the property. So, in order to manage your cash drawers correctly (when you have multiple users), we recommend you to open the same amount of cash drawers in the system, as you have for each user at the property  - with that said, each user will manage their own cash drawer separately.

  • In order to use Cash Drawer functionality by different users, you need to create one cash drawer under each user name
  • If the user is already created in the system, refer to the section How to create Cash Drawer of this article
  • If you do not have a user created, please, refer to the article Users and Roles for more details on how to create a user

Check the following scenarios of how the cash drawer functionality works when used by multiple users:

Scenario 1

  • User Role:  Administrator
  • Cash Drawer: the user has an open cash drawer 
  • Action: the user tries to add a cash transaction
  • Result: the user will be able to add cash transactions only to the cash drawer created under his user - it's not possible to add cash payment to another opened cash drawer created by a different user.

Scenario 2

  • User Role:  Administrator
  • Cash Drawer: the user doesn't have an open cash drawer 
  • Action: the user tries to add a cash transaction
  • Result: the user will be able to choose and add the payment to the currently opened cash drawer by another user (if there is one). 

Scenario 3

  • User:  Property Owner
  • Cash Drawer: the user has (or doesn't have) an open cash drawer
  • Action: the user tries to add a cash transaction on a reservation
  • Result: only the Property Owner will be able to choose between all the currently opened cash drawers in the system.
Minimum permissions for a user to add cash transactions to the drawer?

The minimum permissions for a user to be able to use cash as a payment method are:

  • Open Cash Drawers
  • Add Cash Transactions without having drawer open
[Demo] Mountain Resort & SPA - Roles - Google Chrome

The permissions above allow users to open cash drawers when adding payments on guest's folio, but they cannot view the content or access the cash drawer settings.

Is cash added to the Cash Drawer counted as a revenue?
  • When the front desk staff opens the cash drawer and put the opening balance of the cash drawer this information will not affect the transaction report as the funds are allotted to the cash drawer already. Depending on how your property sets the cash drawer, it is best to have the allotted amount for starting balance and ending balance be the same
  • If you are adding or removing cash from the cash drawer, those transactions will appear as payments or payouts and will affect the day's payment total. This is why is recommended to open cash drawers with the starting balance that is physically in the drawer.
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