Organization & Users - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see property-level Users?

You can see all property-level users listed in the following tab:

  1. Click on Users under Organization&Users
  2. Open Properties Users tab
  3. You can filter which property users list you want to see by clicking in the property drop-down menu

It is not possible to add a new user on the property-level through this page. For that purpose, the user must be logged in the property level to see the User Management page.

For more information about the transfer action, please check Organization & Users - How to Transfer Property-level users to the Organization-level

What's the difference between Organization Users and Property-level users?

Organization Users  

  1. Created by Organization Owner and Admins within the Organization
  2. Have access to multiple accounts according to the permissions granted by the Organization Owner or Admins.
  3. Navigate between properties through the Property Switcher icon
  4. They may have the same role in any number of properties or have different roles in each of those properties (f.e., administrator in property A and frontdesk in property B).  

Property-level users

  1. Created by the Property Owner within the User Management page
  2. Have restricted access to only one property
  3. Do not see the Property Switcher

Both Organization Users and Property-Level users will see the User Management page - Organization & Users page is restricted to Organization Owner and Admins.

How to grant credit card viewing permission to Organization Owners, Admins and Users?
  1. Property Owner can set his/her own credit card viewing password and grant permission to set credit card password for all other users
  2. Organization Owner and Organization Admins should be granted permission to view credit card details by a property owner of each account within the Organization. 

In case you are an Organization Owner/Admin and also a Property Owner in one of your accounts, you can login as a property owner by following the instructions below:

  1. Click on the property switcher in top right corner
  1. Click on the Property Owner account in the bottom of the menu

You will be redirected to the property owner access of myfrontdesk. After that, follow the guide below to grant credit card viewing permissions to your users:

For more information, please check Granting Credit Card viewing privileges to other users

How to manage email notifications for my Organization users?

On the System Notification Preferences page in myfrontdesk, you can configure who (which email address) will receive certain system emails.

Organization Owner and Admins will also be on the users list so their email preferences will be customizable.

Is it possible to deactivate an Organization Admin?

Only the Organization Owner is able to deactivate an Organization Admin by following the steps below:

  1. Open the 'Users' tab
  2. Click on the switcher under 'Active' column next to the user to be disabled
How do I change/edit the Organization Owner?

The user registered as an Organization Owner can only be modified by our support team. If you need to change the Organization Owner, please reach out to us at providing the details in this link.

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