Transferring ownership of your Cloudbeds account


This article will walk you through the steps of transferring ownership of your Cloudbeds account to somebody else, such as a new owner or new property group.

The Property Owner is the person who signed up for your myfrontdesk account. They are the only person who can cancel your myfrontdesk account or make someone else the Property Owner.

Step 1 - Make sure that the users are disabled or have the correct permissions

Every time a property gets a new owner, that owner should review users, roles, and security pages.

Before and after changing the property owner username/email/ password, you must go through the Users, Roles, and Security pages and make sure that the necessary users are disabled or the permissions are limited according to new owner's wishes.  We suggest you:

  1. Access Users Page and review the existing users
    • If needed, disable the users that should not have system access anymore
  2. Access Roles Page and Review user's permissions (make sure to review the option 'Delete Reservation' under Reservation section and all the options under Sensitive & Personally Identifiable Information (PII) section)
  3. Access Security Tab
    • Disable the users that shouldn't have Credit Card Viewing Permissions anymore. For further information about the Security page, check this article
Step 2 - Transferring ownership to a new owner

1. Change property owner within myfrontdesk

Log in to your myfrontdesk account and go to 'My User Profile'

Enter the name and email address of the new owner and click 'Save'

2. Change the billing information if needed

Ensure the new owner updates the billing information.

Follow the steps in this article:  Making changes to your Billing Account

3. Notify Cloudbeds of the ownership change

On the transfer date, please let know so that we can notate the new owner's Name and Email address in our system.

If the previous owner is not available or the property owner's email address is incorrect

If you are the new owner of the property, and the previous owner did not follow the steps above - please contact them and send them the link to this article.  

If the previous owner cannot be reached, or if the property owner email is incorrect, please contact us at  Provide as much detail regarding the situation as possible, and we will do our best to assist.

Note: in order to transfer ownership without confirming with the previous owner, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Your official government photo identification (passport, driver license, etc)
  2. The business license or ownership documentation showing the property/business is owned by the person in item #1 (could be a business license, property or business deed, business tax document, etc).
  3. Written approval (via email is fine) to change the account ownership to your name and the new email address that you have specified.
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