Mybookings Booking Engine Overview and FAQ


Mybookings is our commission-free booking engine which can work as a separate website (pulling rates and availability from myfrontdesk PMS) or as a built-in booking window for your website or Facebook page.

Mybookings allows you to:

  • sell your rooms with special pricing and gain more guests without paying commission to third-parties
  • customize the booking engine to match your website’s look and feel
  • effectively manage rates, packages and promotions to increase the sale of rooms
How It Works

Mybookings is fully controlled by myfrontdesk property management system: once you create accommodations in myfrontdesk and load their rates and availability, mybookings will pull the data from myfrontdesk and display it to your guests.

Here are some features which you may manage for mybookings: hotel description, address and contact info; amenities, rooms description and photos; policies, deposit, custom fields, taxes, emails and many others.


  • With Payment Processing functionality enabled in myfrontdesk you may also setup automatic authorization or charge of your guests' credit cards during the booking on mybookings or collect credit card data to charge the guests later.
  • You may increase your revenue by selling Add-Ons (services and products) on your booking engine.

In 'Booking Engine' section of myfrontdesk you may:

  1. Find your mybookings URL
  2. Set up the Facebook App (integrate mybookings with Facebook)
  3. Set up analytics (Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel)
  4. Get mybookings widget codes for your website
  5. Control mybookings settings (Check this article to find out more about mybookings settings)
  6. Add HTML/CSS code for customization of Mybookings  
How It Looks

Here's an example of how your booking engine may look like on desktop and mobile version with property/accommodations photos uploaded to myfrontdesk:

There are two possible designs offered, please, check this article for more details: Mybookings - Gallery vs List Design

Special Features

Integration with Google Analytics

Never again wonder how many guests visit your website but book with an OTA. Our booking engine tracks booking engine visits, clicks, and conversions. Google Analytics helps you discover how effective your online marketing is, so you can make changes to improve it.

Check this article to learn more: Google Analytics for mybookings booking engine

Personalized, Professional Emails

Make your reservation process professional and personalized from start to finish. You can customize our email templates to match your property’s website branding. Craft confirmation emails for different types of reservations, including those with or without deposits.

Check this article to learn more about creating and editing email templates and read how to schedule an email for sending them to the guest.

Social Media Book Now Button

Under mybookings tab you can find instructions for setting up Book Now buttons on mybookings page:

The following articles will help you to set it up: Social Media and Mybookings

Flexible Payment Options

Manage payments yourself, or use a 3rd-party payment gateway. Our internet booking engine integrates with dozens of payment gateways. There is no need to change the way you accept payments. We securely capture credit card information and keep it safe for your quick retrieval and processing. Our booking engine supports dozens of different payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, SagePay, and more.

Check this article to find out more about how to setup automatic charges or authorizations for Mybookings.

Localization (Language) Support

Cloudbeds has clients in more than 120 countries around the world, so we know how important localization is. Display your booking engine in dozens of languages and market your property to nearly anyone in the world. We’re constantly adding new languages and are always open to suggestions.


We support design customization to match your property and website’s existing branding. Your designer has complete control over the header, footer, background, and color scheme. Add the booking engine as in iFrame on your website or as a redirect.

Check our Mybookings Customization Knowledge Base section or share it with your website designer to check some codes which may help you with customization

You can check the following article to check custom meta tags: Customize mybookings - HTML and CSS Custom Meta Tags

Screenshots of customized mybookings page

Frequently Asked Questions

I have my hotel website. Can I "insert" the booking engine to my website?

Absolutely! Here are 2 options for you:

1) You may copy a Mybookings widget code (can be found on Website Widgets page) and paste it into your website. This code will display a small block with 'CheckIn/CheckOut' selection windows and 'GO' button (search). Clicking this button will redirect your guest to mybookings page showing available accommodations for dates selected.

2) You can also use a mybookings iframe pasted to your website. Mybookings iframe is basically a mybookings window built into your website where the guest may complete a reservation.

Check this article to learn how to use Mybookings iframe.

Can I mask or change my mybookings URL to my personal domain?

Unfortunately, URL masking is not currently supported, however we are working on implementing this functionality.

The best solution for you would be to embed mybookings as an iframe into your website.

Please check this article to learn how to do it: Using an iframe with mybookings

Can I promote special offers with mybookings?

Yes, with myfrontdesk controlling mybookings you may create rate plans (with promo code if necessary) in the Rate Plans and Packages page which can be displayed and sold on mybookings.

Check this article to learn more - How to Add Rate Plans and Packages

Do you offer mybookings customization?

At the moment we do not offer mybookings customization and do not provide any assistance with pasting mybookings widget/iframe into your website. We recommend you to consult with your Website Designer if you need help with customization.

You can check this article, where you can find popular useful codes Customize mybookings - HTML and CSS Custom Meta Tags

Can I charge the guests directly in mybookings?

Yes.  If you have Payment Processing enabled in myfrontdesk PMS, you may setup a deposit amount (full or partial - it depend on each gateway) to be charged immediately when making a reservation or certain days before guest's arrival. You can also simply collect guests' credit card details in order to charge your guests later for their stay.

Check the article below to learn more: Payment Processing Overview

How to find the payment method for your mybookings reservations

The payment information from your booking engine reservation is visible in the reservation header.

On the reservation summary received via email, the payment method is also visible

In order to receive this type of emails, you need to setup the property email address under the System Notification Preferences

Why there's no lock icon next to the browser URL?

Scenario: When my guest clicks on 'Book Now', it does not go to a "secure" site (when there's no lock icon next to the browser URL, please check the example below):

Explanation: It's related to images from an unsafe server through the CSS code, which means that the CSS image URL that you are using, coming from the CSS custom code, is affecting/hiding the lock icon from your booking engine page (example: background image).

If you added any URL on the customization page that is not HTTPS, it will hide the lock, but it doesn't mean that our booking engine became an unsecured site to your guests.

How can I customize the check-in & check-out window in the search tab?

Mybookings will display the check-in and check-out date based on the lowest Minimum Length of Stay (MinLos) configured in the system. The system takes the lowest MinLos within the base rate and also the rate plans.


  • The lowest MinLos in the system for July 14 2020 is 2 nights
  • By default mybookings will display the checkin date 14/07/2020 and the check-out date 16/07/2020 in the search tab (2 days gap)
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