Rate Checker - Price Comparison Widget for mybookings


This feature requires the Cloudbeds Premier plan or higher/equivalent.


The rate checker is an add-on that integrates with mybookings to help your guests monitor the rates across all distribution sites and compare them with the direct rates (The rate checker will only show the channels that you are connected to through Cloudbeds).

If you're interested in this add-on or have any questions - please contact our support team at support@cloudbeds.com.

Please, be aware that Rate Checker will not be able to show Hotelbeds or Airbnb iCals because of the type of booking sites they manage.


The rate checker can be customized on "Mybookings Customization" page inside myfrontdesk.

You can also hide certain channels using the customization codes. Click here to learn more about mybookings customization and get the customization codes.

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