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Email scheduling is a feature that allows properties to send emails to the primary guest based on a specific schedule. Currently, myfrontdesk provides 2 main schedule options:

  • based on a specific number of days before or after arrival or departure
  • based on reservation status changes

In order for the emails to be scheduled and sent to the primary guest - there should be an email address included in the guest's details inside the reservation.

Please note that the emails scheduled will only be sent to the primary guest of the reservation

Currently, only new custom email templates can be scheduled. Pre-existing (default) email templates (Reservation Confirmed, Canceled, Pending Confirmation, Invoice, Folio) can't be added to a schedule.

Follow the steps from the following article to learn how to create a custom email template: Email Templates

How to create a Schedule for Email

On myfrontdesk:

1. Access 'Email Scheduling' under Email Configuration section


3. Give a name to your Email Schedule

4. Select Email Template from the Email Templates that you manually created

5. Choose when to send email:

  • Immediately upon reservation status changing - Example: if you select "Cancelled", the email will be sent out immediately when a reservation status changed to "Cancelled"
  • Based on booking date, check-in date, or check-out date - Example: Send a pre-arrival email 2 days prior to arrival date

6. Advanced options:

  • Send email template only for selected dates - The template will be sent only for the selected date ranges
  • Send email template only for specified sources -  The template will be sent only when the reservation is for one of the selected sources

If a user does not select “Send email template only for specified sources” then the email will go out to all sources. It also includes reservations from channels connected through myallocator (Cloudbeds channel manager).

7. Once you finish, click on Create Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Sending email to specified sources

If a user does not select “Send email template only for specified sources” then the email will automatically go out to all reservations from all sources including reservations from connected channels (, Expedia, Agoda, etc).

What if schedule conditions are not met?

EXAMPLE 1: I create a schedule to send welcome email 2 days before check-in.

HOW IT WORKS: Today is 28 Feb. New booking has come in with check-in date 1 March. Welcome email won't be scheduled for this booking, as 2 days before check-in for this booking is 27 Feb which has already passed.

If booking comes with check-in date 3 March - email will be scheduled, as 2 days before check-in is 1 March which is in the future.

EXAMPLE 2: I create schedule to send email 0 days after checkout at 12.00 pm.

HOW IT WORKS: Today is 28 Feb, booking's checkout day is 28 Feb. If I check out the guest at 12.05 pm - the email won't be scheduled. If I check out the guest at 11.59 am - email will be scheduled.

What happens if I disable the schedule? What if I re-enable the schedule after?

Once you disable the schedule - all related scheduled emails will be removed (will not be sent).

If you decide to re-enable the schedule later - the emails will be out back to the schedule but only under several conditions:

1) you need to switch the schedule toggle to 'Active' AND click 'Edit' > 'Save' on the schedule settings

2) schedule rules should be still met (ex. if the email is scheduled to be sent 10 days before check-in, the date you activated the schedule should be at least 10 days before check-in)

3) the following schedule types will be applied to the reservations in status:

"Before check-in" - only for confirmed reservations

"before_check_out" - only for reservations with status checked_in

"after_check_in" - only for reservations with status checked_in

"after_check_out" - only for reservations with status checked_out

"after_booking" - for any statuses

When can I see scheduled email in Email Messages tab?

Here is how you can see your scheduled e-mail under the email messages tab when you access the reservation:

In order to see scheduled e-mails as shown above,  the following conditions of reservation source and current reservation status should be met:

1. Reservation came from OTAs:

Current Reservation Status: Types of scheduled e-mails that will be sent:
Cancelled Cancelled
No Show No Show
In-House Checked-In, After Check-In, Before Check-Out, After Booking
Checked-Out Checked-Out, After Check-Out
Confirmed Confirmed, Before Check-In, After Booking
Confirmation Pending Not Confirmed, After Booking

2. If you had reservation import (you can find more about this feature here):

Current Reservation Status: Types of scheduled e-mails that will be sent:
Checked-Out After Check Out
Confirmed Before Check-In
Cancelled Cancelled

3. Direct booking - all scheduled e-mails will be shown, and it does not depend on the reservation status.

Example: when the reservation came from a channel and it currently has the status Confirmed, the system will only display the following 3 scheduled e-mails:

  1. Confirmed
  2. Before check-in
  3. After booking

If the reservation has a "Checked out" status, the system will display one of these scheduled e-mails:

  1. Checked out
  2. After check-out
A timezone change will affect scheduled emails?

No. Upon a timezone change, the time chosen for the email to be sent won’t be affected by timezone changes.

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