Policies - Overview

Use the Policies page to define the terms and conditions that will apply for your property to accept reservations on Cloudbeds PMS.

This article explains how to set up your policies, based on your property requirements.

The policies defined in the Policies page will apply to direct reservations through Cloudbeds PMS and reservations from Booking Engine, and will not be shared with your connected channels. Reach out to the corresponding channel(s) directly to set up the channel's policies.

Access the Policies Page

  1. Account ->Settings
  2. Property
  3. Policies
  4. Check the descriptions for all the Policies types below

Policies Types

Deposit Policy

In this section, you will be able to set the suggested deposit amount for your guests who book through the booking engine or direct reservation within dashboard.

Cancellation Policy

Your guests must be informed about your property's Cancellation Policy, whether or not they will be charged when they cancel their reservation.

Your Cancellation Policy will be available for direct reservations through Cloudbeds PMS and reservations from Booking Engine. It will be also sent in the default emails to your guests.

  • The Cancellation Policy is only informational for guests, it does not charge the guests automatically. All charges need to be done manually.
  • This policy will not be sent to any of your connected channels, for  OTA reservations, cancellation policies must be added inside the OTAs.

Learn more about the Cancellation Policy.

Terms and Conditions

These are the terms that will be a legally binding obligation between you and the guest to guarantee a room stay at your property.

A guest must accept your terms when they complete the reservation checkout process and you must provide the services under the terms that you have offered them through your website.

Arrival and Departure

Enter your property's normal check in and check out times. This information will be listed on your booking engine as well as the email confirmations.

The check-in/check-out time specified in this section is informational only. Should you enable the Late Check Out feature, it is only used as an informational field and does not check nor update your availability.

Confirmation Pending
  1. Select if your direct reservations will have the Confirmed status by default, or if you prefer these to have the Confirmation Pending status instead. This status will apply to the manually created reservations as well as the ones received via the booking engine.
  2. Auto change status to Confirmed when a payment - if you turn this toggle on, this will automatically change the status to Confirmed if any payment is added to reservation that was previously Confirmation Pending.

See for more details about the Confirmation Pending Page.

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