How to Create and Edit Custom Fields


Custom fields are used to collect and store further information about a guest. This quick guide shows how to easily add or edit Custom Fields in myfrontdesk.

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Getting Started

Access the Custom Fields tab under Property Configuration section

Create a New Custom Field

  1. Click on Add New button - When creating a new custom field, you have the following options:
  2. Custom Field Name
  3. Select what type of field you would like to ad - Use the dropdown to select either Input Field or Text Area:
    • Input Field - one-line field for short descriptions (approximately 40 letters)
    • Text area - multi-line field that allows to press enter and add more text than the input field
  4. Max. Characters - Maximum number of characters allowed to be entered in this field
  5. Internal Field Shortcode - Internal reference and is used for integration purposes such as custom links and the API
  6. Apply custom field to: Select whether to put this field in the reservation or customer section of the booking
  7. Where would you like this field to display - Specify where in myfrontdesk you want this custom field to appear
    • Direct Reservations (added manually)
    • Booking Engine (mybookings)
    • Registration Card
  8. Select if this field required - Specify whether this field is required to be filled out before a guest can make a reservation.
  9. Select if this field contain any Personally Identifiable Information - For privacy and GDPR compliance, a customer can request to see their personally identifiable information (PII) at any time. The guest can also ask for their PII to be anonymized or deleted.
    • If you select YES on this custom field, confirms this field will be asking the guest for information that could personally identify them.

Once you've completed creating your custom field, click on Save.

The custom fields will be displayed on the invoices as long as the guest or property users have filled them out. If the field was left blank (initially), the system will not include this on the invoice. 

How to Edit or Delete a Custom Field

On the Custom Field main page, you can:

  1. Change the order in which the custom fields will appear on your booking engine by dragging and dropping them
  2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the custom field
  3. Click on the x icon to Delete

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find custom fields in the guest or reservation overview?

On the dropdown Apply custom field to, you have 2 options:

1. If you selected 'Reservations'

You can see this information by clicking on the 'Show More' button when you access the reservation:

2. If you selected 'Customer'

You can see this information when you access the Guest Details > Guest Info Section.

The custom field will be displayed under the Additional Information.

How to export Custom Fields?

To export reservation's custom fields, you can use the Export Reservation option as shown below:

  1. Access Reservations page
  2. Click on the Export Reservations icon
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  1. Select the fields you want to export by clicking on the field you want and dragging it to the other area - The custom fields will be on the left side.
  2. Click to Export Reservations list and manage the data from within excel
DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Reservations - Google Chrome
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