Cloudbeds Insights - Everything You Need to Know

Cloudbeds Insights allows more flexibility in building your reports to get the exact information you want from the system. Fields, filter logic, summarization levels, sorting, columns, and other features can be configured to meet your preferences.

Every hospitality business is unique, and that's why Cloudbeds Insights provides a range of powerful reporting features to help you get the business insights you need, your way. Please visit our Cloudbeds Insights premium add-ons page to find more detail on how to unlock even more power from your data.


  • Easy to use Cloudbeds reports with pre-configured tables and filters.
  • For the ultimate flexibility, customize your reports by using any fields and filters.
  • Easy to navigate with tags, filters, titles, descriptions, and search functionality.
  • Send reports automatically to selected users.
  • Quick access to your favorite reports.
  • Insights API access — query and access reporting data via API and integrate with your existing automations or data pipeline. Check out API documentation here.


Property Owner has access to Cloudbeds Insights by default. Other users needs to be granted access to Cloudbeds Insights by the Property Owner inside Roles. Learn more: Roles and Permissions

  1. Click Menu
  2. Select Reporting Cloudbeds Insights
The McKee - insights hub - Google Chrome
  1. There are 4 menus in Cloudbeds Insights:
    • Home: On this page you can find a set of curated reports published by Cloudbeds and other customization features.
    • Insights hubs - is a fully customizable reporting dashboard that allows our sophisticated customers to view their data visualizations all on a single page.
    • Cloudbeds Reports: Ready to use reports with preselected columns and filters. These reports can be exported as they are or used as "templates" and customized based on your property needs.
    • Saved Reports: On Saved Reports page, you can create new report from scratch and find all the reports that have been saved.
    • Subscription: By subscribing to a report, you can schedule when a report is run and automatically sent to your inbox  at anytime daily, weekly or monthly.

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