Adding, viewing and archiving Reservation Notes


Sometimes a user may need to quickly add a note to a reservation with important information regarding guest stay or guest's needs. In myfrontdesk, you may easily add notes from reservations and the dashboard (starting from mid-February 2018) and also view them directly on calendar.

Things to note:

  • It is possible to archive a note, but not to delete it!
  • Your guests won't see the notes. They are mostly for internal usage
  • It's possible to export the notes from selected reservation with 'Notes' report. See below for detailed information
Adding and archiving Note from Reservation

In order to add a note in reservation, you need to
1) directly in Reservation go to 'Notes' Tab
2) enter the note text
3) click 'Submit Note'

4) All the notes that you add will appear in 'Active Notes' section.

5) If you need to archive or edit note, click gear icon next to it and select the option needed:

6) Archived notes are moved to separate section.
7) You may restore archived note if needed.

Adding Note from Dashboard

The functionality is available starting from mid-February 2018

You may view, add and archive notes from the Dashboard too:

1) Go to Dashboard
2) Click small note icon near the name of the guest
3) Enter the note text
4) Click 'Submit Note'
5) You may also check the notes added previously for the guest from dashboard

If reservation has active notes - it will be displayed with yellow dot on dashboard

Viewing Notes on Calendar

To view the note added to the reservation from the calendar, click on the reservation and click on 'Notes' tab:

The reservations with notes will have small yellow dots on the calendar

Notes Report

You may create a list of notes for selected reservations and export them with 'Notes' report

Find out more about Notes Report in our article.


Why note is not shown on reservation but is shown on calendar?

The note is displayed on the calendar and if you go to the reservations details, you do not see the notes there


If the note was added to the guest profile under Guests tab (1), it will not be shown in Notes section of the reservation (2). It will be displayed under "Guest Details" section inside reservation (3) and also on the calendar (4).

It happens because the system is designed to show not only reservation notes but also guests notes on the calendar.

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