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How to create a new reservation in Cloudbeds PMS


This article will walk you through the steps of creating a new reservation on your Cloudbeds PMS platform using the Simple View option. The Simple View searches for availability for the same room type for the entire date range selected.

If you'd like to create a split reservation across multiple room types, and does not require continuous availability for the same room type, see article How to make a new reservation using the Split View Option

Getting Started

You may create new reservation from different pages inside Cloudbeds PMS:

  1. The quickest way is by using the + button on the Navigation bar.
  2. From the Calendar
  3. From the Reservations page
  4. From the Dashboard
  5. From the Guests page
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Step 1. Search for Availability

On the New Reservation page, you may check availability for specific dates and add accommodations:

  1. Select Source of your reservation. If you have have allotted availability for specific Source, ex. Website, it will affect the search.

Selecting Third Party sources will allow you to create a booking for dates with no rates or availability. This is due to the fact that the search requirements are different with Third- Party sources than those of Primary sources.

When creating reservations from OTAs manually (, Expedia, etc), the system will require the Source Reservation ID / Third party confirmation number. Make sure to enter the correct reservation ID. Only with this information, the communication between Cloudbeds PMS and the channel manager (myallocator) will be successful in case of modifications or cancellations.

  1. Select Check-In and Check-Out dates
  2. Enter Promo-code (if needed): It will apply discount immediately if you have a package with promo code created on the Rate Plans & Packages page.
  3. By default the system selected Simple view: This option will search for availability for the same room type for the entire date range selected. Or alternatively, you can choose Split View to create a split reservation across multiple room types without necessarily having the continuous availability for the same room type.
  4. Select whether to display accommodations available based on Base Rates, Rate Plans & Packages or Promotional Rates (rate plan with promo code)
  5. Select Accommodations: You can search availability for certain room types
  6. Click Search to display the availability of the given parameters.
  7. Under Availability section you can choose the accommodations available
  8. Click Edit if you need to change room rate
  9. Select the number of Adults, Child, and quantity of rooms
  10. Click on the ADD button to proceed to the next step.
  11. You may see all accommodations added to the booking on the left side of the screen
  1. Once accommodations has been selected, you can see the summary at the bottom of the screen: Sub-Total,  Taxes & Fees, Grand Total, Suggested Deposit (if applicable), and Balance Due.
  2. Click Booking Details to proceed.
Step 2. Add Guest Details

On new page you may start filling in the information about the primary guest. If it's a group booking, you'll be able to add information about additional guests on the next screen.

Mandatory fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email (if you don't have guest's email, you can add a temporary information like and update later)
  • Country

These fields should be always completed and can't be removed or made not mandatory.

  1. Enter guest's estimated arrival time (optional)
  2. Enter Primary Guest Information:
  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Email*
  • Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Personal Tax ID Number
  • Company Name
  • Company Tax ID Number

If you have a repeat guest, you can start typing their name or email and the system will suggest you the autofill* of their details, if you have this feature available.

*Cloudbeds believes every lodging business is unique. We have tools for every size and budget to establish and grow.  Reach out to our Support Team for more information on each available package.

  1. Enter Guest Address:
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • Country*
  • State/Region
  • Postal/ZIP Code
  1. Enter Guest Document information
  • Type of Document (can be only selected from the drop-down list, more types of documents can be added in the future)
  • Document number
  • Document issue date
  • Document issuing country
  • Document expiration date
  1. Take Photo of the gust if you have a webcam or upload a photo
  2. Click Guests if you have multiple guests belonging to one reservation
  3. Click Add-Ons if you want to add the add-ons to the booking
  4. Click Confirm & Pay if you wish to add payment to the booking and confirm it
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Additional Guests' Details

Additional guest options will only be available if there are one or more occupants assigned to this accommodation type.

You may enter the details of several guests staying at your property.

1. Select the accommodation added previously to the booking
2. Assign the room to the guest (optional)
3. Enter the additional guest details by following the steps described above

If you want the system to auto-populate the information from the primary guest, leave the fields blank.

Step 3. Confirm & Payment Screen
  1. Review Reservation Summary: Displays guest reservation in detail
  2. Accommodation Summary: Displays room accommodations
  3. Price Summary: Displays room rates, taxes, totals and suggested deposit (if applicable ) and balance due
  4. Choose the Payment Type used. You can select 'Do not collect payment' to collect the payment later
  5. Select whether you would like to automatically check-in the guest to room upon completing the reservation. If the room was not pre-assigned in the guest details section, a pop-up box will appear for you to assign the room.
  6. Click to go back to the previous step
  7. Click Confirm Reservation to complete the process. A pop-up box will ask if you want to send email to the guest before proceeding, you can either select Send and Continue or Continue Without Sending.

Reservation is Complete

You are done!


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