Cloudbeds Payments - Frequently Asked Questions

Cloudbeds Payments is an add-on that is quickly growing to be one of our leading global services. Please click here to see if it is available in your country.

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Check below the frequently asked questions about Cloudbeds Payments:

How do Payouts work?

Your Cloudbeds Payments account collects credit card payments from your guests, deducts any processing fees (net deposit), and then deposits the remaining lump sum in your bank account, which is called a Payout.

What payment methods are available?
  • Terminal: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. Card present + EMV chip via terminals including contactless payment methods (Apple Pay and Google Pay).
  • eCommerce and Card Not Present via keying in the credit card or using stored billing information
How do I process NFC payments (contactless payments)?

Contactless payments  (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay) can only be processed via Cloudbeds Terminal.

To use contactless payments on your terminal, simply hover the mobile device over the terminal and it will connect. Then, the system will automatically process the payment. There is no button for contactless payments, the terminal will automatically be signaled when a mobile device is ready to be used.

Please note that we won't be able to store the card if contactless method was used.

Can I switch from my current payments platform to Cloudbeds Payments?

If you are based in one of the countries that we support, please fill out our online form here and our Sales team will reach out to you. 

When I try to add a credit card under the reservation it declines, why?

This means there is an issue with card number provided. Check that the CVV Code, Billing Address, Card Name, EXP Date are all correct. If decline proceed, please ask your guest to provide another credit card or insert the physical credit card in your device.

You can also check further details about decline codes on the following article: Cloudbeds Payments - Decline Codes

Why can’t I view the full credit card?

For security reasons, we encrypt credit card numbers to secure your card data more safely. You can process transactions using stored billing information via your Cloudbeds PMS.

Check this article for more information: Cloudbeds Payments - Why can't I view full credit card details? 

Can I process a partial refund?

Yes, when selecting “refund transaction” under the gear icon on the guest folio, you can adjust the amount of refund as desired. 

On the following article, you can learn more: Cloudbeds Payments - How to Process Refunds

What will the bank descriptor be when I receive my payouts?

Your bank descriptor will display Cloudbeds Payments. 

What will the statement descriptor be when I charge a guest?

By default, the Statement Descriptor is your company name (the DBA name) provided when applying for the merchant account.

To update the statement descriptor, see article: Cloudbeds Release Notes - Cloudbeds Payments Dynamic Billing Descriptor

How do I update my bank account on file?

To request an update to your bank account please email and we will inform you of next steps.

Check the following article for further details: Cloudbeds Payments - How to Update your Bank Account Information

Can I use my Cloudbeds Payments account for more than one property?

At the moment, you cannot share a Cloudbeds Payments account. Each property will be required to have its own merchant account.


  • Let's suppose that you have 3 properties:

Each property would have its own Cloudbeds software account with with its own Cloudbeds Payments account. Each Cloudbeds Payments account can have the same business information such as owners, EIN, and bank account, for example. However, you would have an account for each property separately.  

What are the hardware offerings?

Currently, we offer the following terminals: Cloudbeds Payments - Terminals Overview

Our terminal can accept swipe, chip, and contactless payments such as ApplePay and GooglePay.

To request an order for a Cloudeds Payments Terminal, please email

Why doesn’t the terminal print a receipt for the guest to sign? Isn’t that required?

Major credit card companies Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover are working towards eliminating the need for shoppers to sign receipts for credit card sales, especially transactions below $50.

With Cloudbeds Payments, we have removed the need for a signed receipt to make it easier on businesses. With your terminal accepting chip cards and mobile payment methods, card-present transactions are even more secured and will combat disputes. However, we hope to add the flexibility of signature capture in the future for businesses that find this to be a necessity.

Do I need to complete PCI compliance?

PCI Compliance is not a requirement with Cloudbeds Payments at the merchant level. As your service provider, we take the protection of card holder and payment account data very seriously. Cloudbeds Payments is certified as PCI Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

You are more than welcome to become PCI compliant with a vendor of your choice for added security, however, it is not required.

Is it possible to configure Cloudbeds Payments to never accept certain card brand?

Yes! It's possible to configure Cloudbeds Payments to never accept certain credit card type (for example, American Express).

In order to do that, please have the merchant principal send an email to from the email on file to request it - You will be required to verify security.

Please mention your property name and the card brand and Cloudbeds Payments support team will help you.

If I have 2 terminals, can I run a second Ethernet from one unit to another hardware unit?

It's not possible because there is only one Ethernet port and the other one is RS232.

Per Stripe documentation, you should connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the Verifone P400, using the ETH port (not the RS232 port).

Please note that you can always connect the terminal using WIFI if you can get a good signal.

Is it possible to use the terminal to only store credit card details on the reservation?

The main usage of Cloudbeds Payments terminal is for processing payments, but you can also use to store the credit card details on the reservation.

Access the desired reservation and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Credit Card tab
  2. Select Add with Terminal
  3. The system will prompt the current terminal connected

On this step you can:

  • Use the current terminal connected - the terminal name will be described on the following screen - you can go ahead and proceed with the next step below
  • Choose another terminal- if you have more than one terminal, click Choose Another
  • Cancel the action
Lviv hotel - Reservations - Google Chrome
  1. On your terminal you will see a new screen where you can insert or swipe the card.


Is it possible to charge the guest only once for the total of more than one reservation?

This is a matter of how the reservation were made on Cloudbeds

  • If the rooms were booked individually (meaning, they have different reservation IDs), it's required to process individual payments
  • If the rooms were booked under one reservation ID, you can collect only 1 payment for the total amount
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